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Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 5, Insightful) 1149

I'd mod you down if I had points,

Don't mod down someone if you disagree with what they wrote. That is abuse of the moderation system. Write a reply instead.

but instead I'll just say the right to bear arms is a good thing.

You might want to provide some arguments for that.

Comment Re:A day that ends in "y" for LAPD (Score 0) 390

Let consenting adults engage in whatever services they deem fit, and then focus law enforcement resources on those who actually harm others.

Look, I don't care if prostitution should be legal or not. But think about his: how do you define consent? How many prostitutes are doing it only because they really need the money, to feed their family? Or maybe they are addicted to drugs, and have no other way to pay for their addiction. Can you honestly say that being a prostitute is what they really want? Is that consent? What would happen if, say, a country starts providing basic income to all their citizens. How would that affect the number of people working in prostitution? Don't you think that number would drop dramatically?

Comment Re:Visicalc was world-changing... (Score 1) 119

It actually was a csv file with all fields surrounded by quotes. Even the numbers. That said, the contents of that file were not provided by myself but by a third party, and the file was apparently opened in Excel by my employer's customers, who were supposed to let our software read the file.

Comment Re:I don't understand (Score 4, Interesting) 125

I didn't look into the details of the project, but to me it seems to like the following:

A JIT compiler is used in a virtual machine to run a function/method by compiling it from some sort of bytecode or intermediate representation to native code and then jumping to the generated code to execute it. So in this case this would be when the Common Language Runtime wants to run a CIL method for the first time: it generates LLVM intermediate representation from the CIL, then uses LLVM to compile that to native code.

So it would be: CIL --> LLVM data --> native code

This means that the CLR, and thus all code compiled for .NET, can run on all platforms that LLVM can generate native code for.

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