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Comment Gaining more profit for protection (Score 3, Insightful) 44

I'm betting, Tumblr is doing it's best to seem as profitable as it can be considering the possible Verzion buy. Tumblr want to make sure they look as good as they can do they don't get axed by Verizon if the deal goes through.

My bigger concern is Verizon's buyout causing a change of TOS in Tumblr. Tumblr had the same issue when Yahoo bought them. Yahoo tried to clamp down on the adult material but for the most part if failed. Will Verizon do the same? Tumblr is one of the few mainstream places where adult material can be posted without TOS violations.

Comment As long as it is under contract... (Score 1) 257

My feeling is that as long at the phone is being sold and is possibly under contract, that OEM, needs to cover the security updates. This does not include feature / enhancement updates.

Then once the phone is out of contract, the OEM need to provide a method to unlock the bootloader so other OS/Disto's can be loaded into the phone without bricking the phone. And by OEMs, I mean on carriers because they always add their own black software on to the phone and are the last gateway to getting an update.

So if a carrier sells a phone, they should to provide security updates (no necessarily feature / enhancements) for 2 years once they ENDED selling that phone model. A new phone new hardware revision / model of the same marketing name starts a new clock. I know carriers release multiple versions of the same phones because of firmware / hardware issues. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was a prefect example of this. It was sold for a long time and had multiple hardware models even on the same carrier.

Comment Lost of Games (Score 1) 314

My issues is that so many consoles REQUIRE online access to play the games. Not that they require always on connections but just have to phone home occasionally. The Xbox 360 is swilling down the tubes, game companies have dropped servers for PS3 games. We are loosing what will be one day our gaming heritage.

Take a look at the older systems. Anything from the original PlayStation backwards, if you found a working console and undamaged game you'd still be able to play it now. How many contemporary games disappear forever because the servers are no longer around.

Comment Different Games In The 90's (Score 1) 239

I'm both a long time gamer and and a thirty-something father with 5 kids. I started playing games with the Ataris and an IBM PCjr. I think gaming is great but I can see where it will not always be that way.

My issue isn't so much the games but the gaming industry. In the 90's VERY few games had a cost after the retail purchase. The only one I can think of at the time was Ultima Online. Now a days many games are subscription based (and maybe a retail cost too!) or pay to play. Both of these models require one thing: For the player to play as long as possible. This leads to developing a game that is addictive. Maybe not actively, by the code developers, but I can see any bean counter foaming at the mouth to add every addictive practice there is. And guess what, most of the time the code developers don't win unless it is going to drastically alter the game.

This long term playing brings out the worst in people. It makes small character flaws, big ones. And don't say you don't have any character flaws, everyone has them. It is just how you manage them. Long term additive playing brings out the worst in people. It is addiction.

Comment Re:Ublock = inferior & inefficient vs. hosts (Score 1) 189

As i mentioned before, uBlock and uBlock Origin are not the same product. my uBlock Origin was running about 40MB verses the 63MB of uBlock in that screen shot. Also RAM isn't a usually an issue for most people. That RAM could be used for caching and making lookups and checks faster. The big issue is CPU and any disk I/O that the extension uses.

Also constantly editing the hosts file, especially on windows boxes, is a PITA. Regular users wouldn't be able to do it and those who can just may not be bothered. Also diagnosing and issue because of a previously blocked site is real pain in the butt too. On mobile devices, you probably can't even edit the hosts file without rooting you phone.

Comment A poor solution for everyone (Score 1) 189

The majority of the adblockers are very heavy handed. They break webpages. ABP is one of them.

It will also do one of two things to sites (regardless of content) that mainly rely on advertising. It will make them go under or the sites will insert javascript for adblocker detection and force you to disable it to use the site. So it will be a near zero-sum game.

What we need is an HTML firewall to block all of the third-party advertising and scripting. This gives sites better control on what shows on their site. Luckily there is a great piece of software for this very thing. Take a look a uBlock Origin. Don't mistake it for uBlock which is a different product. Don't just take my word for it, Steve Gibson has given it a glowing endorsement too. You can checkout how it works here:

Comment Not generation but storage (Score 1) 232

While all of these generation sources have there own pros and cons, the one thing that would be greatly helpful would be efficient power storage (batteries / capacitors/etc). If we had efficient power storage at the house level, it would matter a lot less how we generate our power. We'd just get it from our storage buffer. This gives us consistent stable power to our homes and allows us to use mixed generation sources. Even at a full lose of power, a home could run for a while without an upstream power.

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