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Comment Re:These should be good server CPU's (Score 1) 138

The problem is that AMD never had great adoption in the enterprise market. Before dropping out of the performance market, AMD's enterprise offerings were slim. While the Opteron CPUs (x86_64) were considered decent and worth their money at the time, the bigger issues were the motherboard and chipsets. They had a couple of bad server chipset releases and the number of compatible and available motherboards decreased. This maked it hard to find servers that used AMD server CPUs. This lead to poor adoption rates.

Comment Re:Needs a UPS... (Score 3, Informative) 127

Not for me.. If it's too much for a one handed phone, just give me a full laptop. Having to carry these multiple layers of devices, just seems silly. A mid sized smartphone that you can put in your pocket for easy access and a laptop for doing real work on the go. If it is too big for a laptop, it goes on a server.

Comment Let it dual boot stock (Score 2) 122

If Samsung wants developers and users play with Tizen, why don't they have all / most of their phones dual boot with both android and tizen as the alternate. The people who aren't interested won't probably even notice it is there. The developer and power users will be able to start playing with it and possibly gain interest / marketshare.

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