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Comment Re: Why not? (Score 0) 396

Exactly. actually there's Lower Middle Class, Middle Class, and High Middle class. as it's been said, the upper class the 1% vs those of us 99% is thin, whereas the middle classes are the reasons the 1% exist. So for a company like Amazon and it's subsidiaries, Uber (etc, etc, etc) Apple, Microsoft, and all the way down to small scale retail stores like Fred Meyer or Safeway or Lowes or Home Depot, you're going to those who are "cultish" towards work or you're going to find those who are only there for the paycheck. That being said, if you have the mentality you can survive at Amazon, or any other company where it's tough and you're expected to make results, the people who complain, are those who can't do it and hack it because they expected it to be easy and then left because they don't have the stomach to step up the game like others. If you really want to work for a company like Amazon, but yet you don't want to put in the effort or will, why would you want to work for that company? If you really want to be different and make a change, then start up your own company, it's what everyone else does these days apparently, Kickstarter's great for that. I worked for Amazon in one of it's Fulfillment Facilities, and trust me, the turnover ratio there is big, some people don't last a week.....then again those people came for the money, not realizing what they were getting into because they were desperate for a job. Those that survive in the warehouse, are the same who if given the opportunity would survive at Amazon, because they have the will. I survived the warehouse, because I'm not the type of person who gives up, and I'm used to hard work, I'm 27, and a college graduate with a B.A in literature, paying off my loans so I can get my masters. so the fact that I was willing to work for 13.25 at 10 hours (11 during peak) from 6:30 pm to 5 am in the morning speaks to the fact that it takes maturity and brains to succeed in this job market. If you're not willing to do that, then hey, go work fast food, they pay you 15.50 to do mindless work that a high school drop out can do. If you want good hard honest days work, then apply yourself, go to school and not drop out.

Comment Re:No (Score 0) 479

It's also about politics as well, and how we perceive them as well. Take a look at the new V series. It's set after 9/11 when we've become suspicious of everything different, where we value security, and those that aren't with us, must be destroyed. This new series once again explores the unknown, (and yes it sucks majorly right now because they need a writing staff that's more qualified to do justice,) but at the same time it explores how our ideologies are. Think about this as well, charismatic and "peaceful" beings who want to share with us their tech and heal us. It's also about religion. The old series didn't have a priest who was questioning everything that the V said. That's what makes this series so good, is that it has more depth to it then the original series. Plus the role of Anna, she has a hidden agenda, and while I am a democrat, I can see huge allusions to Obama and his presidential reign. The old series was directed more towards the whole Cold War era, in a time where we didn't know where we were going or what we were doing. In this new series, we have 9/11 and terrorists and sleeper cells.

Comment Re:Energy weapons (Score 0) 627

quick question here. I'm sure this has already been covered, but I am confused, so hopefully this will answer it. are we talking targeting laser here which then is coupled with something else, such as a missile that fires or are we talking about an actual laser that fires and does damage, such as the laser that the Death Star has?

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 0) 881

Is it just me, or are people getting stupider and it's the younger generations who are getting smarter? People got all afraid of Y2K thinking it would be the end of the civilized world and we'd be back to the stone age, and lo nothing happened. other then it becoming a new year and computers and technology still existing. People take television and movies too seriously. I've known people who've read The Left Behind Series and take it as Gospel. ::rolls Eyes:: So you see it's because we're really a lot more uneducated then we let on. and we force these things on others who take it as gospel, and sooner or later we've got mass stupidity and suicides and other issues because of one Hollywood movie. Yaghoi.

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Submission + - IT Survey: Pay stagnates, workforce grows restless (

jcatcw writes: The results of Computerworld's annual poll, this time of 5,861 IT professionals, show that salaries were flat this year, bonuses were way down, and benefits were reduced or eliminated. This year also saw increases in the percentages of respondents reporting canceled projects (35%, compared with 25% last year), training cuts (37% vs. 25%), budget cuts (65% vs. 53%), salary freezes (51% vs. 22%), and hiring freezes (48% vs. 33%). And that's just for the people who remain employed — 44% of respondents reported permanent layoffs at their companies in the 2009 study, up from 28% in 2008. It's no wonder that satisfaction is down, even among those who reported feeling lucky just to have a job. Some are like Jean-Sebastien Picard, IT manager at Polycor, who is determined to stay positive despite a 10% pay cut. "I'm always happy at work, and I think it's our job to maintain a good atmosphere," he says. Others, such as Arthur MacLeod, systems administrator at Service Point USA, see silver linings in staff cuts, such as the opportunity to improve time management skills and increase cross-training. But even for MacLeod, satisfaction is starting to wane. Check how your packet compares with the Interactive Smart Salary Tool 2009. Maybe you should be planning for your next job. After all, some positions may even be opening up with a possible IT exodus looming.

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