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Comment Just hotels for bugs (Score 2, Funny) 126

My daughter plays with stones all the time in the garden, building hotels for bugs apparently, all these stones are just some bored kids trying to out do each other a few thousand years ago, it started off as a hotel for bugs (probably big alien ones - I've seen starship troopers), and now the "experts of the day" decide it's a place of ritual or worship...

Comment Start your own company (Score 1) 318

I did, 13 years of working at home, the odd contract in an office to break things up.

I'm lucky to have found a few clients from the contracts who were happy to keep giving me work after I left, so you could try that route.

One problem I do have with working at home, is the wife nagging that I didn't do any house chores - I'm always pointing out I'm too busy working to worry about such things ;)

Comment Re:I laughed... full version ;) (Score 5, Funny) 158

Heisenberg and Schrodinger are driving, and get pulled over.

Heisenberg is in the driver's seat, the officer asks "do you know how fast you were going?"

Heisenberg replies, "No, but I know exactly where I am!"

The officer looks at him confused and says "you were going 108 miles per hour!"

Heisenberg throws his arms up and cries, "Great! Now I'm lost!"

The officer, now more confused and frustrated orders the men outside of the car, and proceeds to inspect the vehicle. He opens the trunk and yells at the two men, "Hey! Did you guys know you have a dead cat back here?"

Schrodinger angrily yells back, "We do now, asshole!"

Emulation (Games)

Nintendo Upset Over Nokia Game Emulation Video 189

An anonymous reader writes "Nintendo is investigating potential copyright infringement by Nokia during some video demos of their N900 phone, which can be seen emulating Nintendo games. Nintendo spokesman Robert Saunders says: 'We take rigorous steps to protect our IP and our legal team will examine this to determine if any infringement has taken place.' In the video, Nokia says, 'Most publishers allow individual title usage, provided that the user is in possession of the original title.'"

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