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Comment Cost analysis from article differs from summary (Score 3, Interesting) 66

I'm not sure where the the article summary got its notion about the costs. The article doesn't address that- instead it spoke to how much could be made selling the service. From the article:

Assuming a selling price of $2 per 1,000 solved captchas, our token harvesting attack could accrue $104 - $110 daily, per host (i.e., IP address). By leveraging proxy services and running multiple attacks in parallel, this amount could be significantly higher for a single machine.

I think the authors of the article were trying to communicate how much money they could make selling this 'service' to other unsavory agents. It could be a lucrative business given the assumed market rates of $2 per 1k, and the mentioned optimizations could make it even more attractive. It makes me wonder if you could set up the whole thing in a cloud computing environment like AWS and come out ahead.

Comment Re:Disappointed: Article not what it says (Score 3, Informative) 327

I was curious about your comment, and I think I found the article you were referring to. It was a 7/19/15 NYT article ( )

Here is a direct quote from it regarding the efficacy of the Zappos holacracy:

"Pressed for instances of Holacracy’s achievements at Zappos, employees could offer only pedestrian examples. Mr. Hsieh had shut the bridge connecting the office to a parking garage, hoping staff would experience more serendipitous encounters if they all used the same entrance.

But that meant employees had to venture onto the seedy streets to get to and from their cars, leaving some, especially those working late shifts, feeling unsafe. So one employee proposed that the bridge be reopened, a motion that was accepted by the circle that controlled campus operations, essentially overriding the C.E.O.

Or as a Zappos spokesman described the process, using Holacratic terms: “An employee (unknown) brought it to the road block role with safety being the tension. The road block role then took it to the grease and disrupt circle where it went through the process and was eventually passed with no objections.”

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