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Comment Re:Its not the speed that is the problem. (Score 1) 1026

There are some facts to consider here. Right now, freight trains are being inconvenienced because Amtrak trains are given TOP priority where they run on freight rails. The freight trains are put on sidings sometimes for hours for fear that Amtrak will be held up at all by freight traffic. Any train cannot run at high speed on existing freight rails because the best of them usually top out at 75 MPH while many in service, even those used all the time, might have slow orders for 40, 25 or even 10 MPH. Broken rails and derailments are common, especially in cold weather. Section crews have plenty to keep them busy just keeping the existing lines and spurs in service for freight use. Carriers bow to Amtrak wishes now, and it costs them dearly.

Comment Re:Here's todays reality: (Score 1) 763

If you study the Great Depression, the two main things done to make it worse and longer were to raise taxes on higher-income people and raise tariffs on foreign goods. While either of those things could reasonably be done under other circumstances, at the time they killed the kind of economic activity the country needed.

Comment Re:lol (Score 1) 405

Probably because that generation of solar panels sucked, efficiency-wise, and IIRC several models also lost a large percent of their functionality after a few years.

Repeat this for every generation of panels referencing the previous generation, and we all know efficient solar panels will be here Very Soon Now.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: A Market for a second-rateURL today? 1

Huzzah! writes: I own a short URL which would be iconic if it had the .com tld, (not quite level) but is a .FM instead. I have had no success selling it off yet using ebay or a few industry contatcs. My time to sell is limited as, to paraphrase an old joke, my doctor and I discovered an expiration date on my birth certificate. I would rather sell it now for something than leave it behind. Is there any kind of market today for these also-ran URLs? Any ideas for marketing these in a limited time frame?

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