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Comment Re:Cost? (Score 5, Insightful) 228

His/her question is good, and the summary is incomplete. It converts CO2 to CH3CH2OH at a yield of about 63%, but what CO2 concentration in the water are they assuming? Average soda concentration is about 0.12-0.15 M (moles per liter) at about 4 bar. That would mean you'd get 0.05 M alcohol (2 carbons per EtOH from one carbon in CO2, 0.5*0.63*0.15), which is 0.05 moles EtOH/55.5 moles water or about 0.08 percent alcohol by volume. That's a lot less than the ethanol conversion you'd get from corn.

It did not mention the catalyst materials cost, nor the materials processing required to make a nanomaterial.

So we'd have energy costs by compressing CO2, then converting it using the catalyst, then there would be ethanol separation costs (with requisite electricity/natural gas from the distillation columns) from water that far exceed normal ethanol separation, and the ethanol would still have about 10% water because it is an azeotrope,so then you'd need another liquid-liquid extraction...

As is the case with the other carbon dioxide conversion schemes, it's really cool chemistry, looks good in summary, but the details render it ineffective for practical use.

Comment Re:Very smart of them, if tru (Score 1) 211

That's the thing — there is nothing unethical about their gathering of the information. Would their use of it be unethical — I'm not sure... Could you elaborate, why you think so?

I'll say it from my view, because if this is true, they are setting the price according to the potential buyer based on information from the buyer that is not normally available, not according to the local market conditions. Surge pricing is supposed to entice more drivers, not bilk the user. You could argue it is similar to selling groceries to blacks at a higher price than whites, which is illegal, although you could also argue it's like airline websites using your profile to price your tickets at a different rate them market (apparently if you browse incognito at times you can see different prices than when you log in).

If Lyft chooses not to do it, then we have competition.

Comment Re:Some perspective here... (Score 1) 268

And your point is that I shouldn't listen to the warnings from scientists, because they're all hysterical, but i should listen you ?
so we should do nothing until we're sure we're all going to die or something ?

Your statement assumes I'm not a scientist. The funny thing is if you read the opinions of some very well-informed papers in climate science, as others have, you'll see the climate scientists still believe in the scientific method and there are many uncertainties that need continued exploration. Journalists, however, not so much.

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