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Comment Re:That's Kind of The Point - Fee for Service (Score 1) 448

Yup, exactly right. Seems like the author just learned the difference between value and cost and freaked out. Sure, value will go way down, but our current costs are so darn high and the cost reduction overall so significant, it will be worth the value loss in higher cost per channel. Really looking forward to this happening.

Comment Re:Toys? (Score 1) 209

Yep, my thoughts as well. I answered the poll as toys as in action figures and trading cards and shit, so I went with non-existent. But, if we're talking about big boy toys, well, yeah, I got big boy toys.

Comment Re:Get off my effin lawn! (Score 2) 457

Exactly this. I will never forget 5 yr old me and my 3 yr old brother watching Star Wars with my mom and dad in the theater back in '77. It had a huge pop culture impact on our lives. It's the movie that started it all.

Empire is a better movie, but Star Wars has a special place in my heart.

Comment Pretty close to zero (Score 1) 240

For reference, Android household here.

There haven't been many apps we've felt compelled to buy. I think we still have like $15-$16 of the $25 credit/rebate from Google when we bought the Nexus 7 back in '12 - Titanium Backup and Beyond Pod come to mind as apps I've purchased.

Other than that, I just haven't seen much of anything I need that I'd be willing to spend even 99 cents on. Also, you can get a free paid app everyday from Amazon. I have gotten some good ones from that, but I'd never pay for them otherwise.

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