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Comment 10 Gbps? Really? (Score 1) 356

What advantage will this have over everything else when no home network, and many corporate networks, won't operate at anything over 1Gbps. Your Mac may be the fastest thing on the network, but that's no good when it has to talk to slower devices. Are we going to see an entirely new lineup of network equipment, accessories, etc that take advantage of this too? Netflix streamed from your Mac to your TV would be sweet at 10Gbps.

Comment Re:New Madrid is totally different from Ca faults (Score 1) 96

Interestingly enough, the article focuses on downplaying the danger of New Madrid, but it also glazes over the comment Dr. Steins made about observing GPS data that would indicate pressure building up near Oregon/Washington/Utah. Though I'm sure his work has scientific value, the article that this slashdot story is derived from has none given how quickly they are to dismiss the midwest and northwest fault information and activity. It tells me that they were more interested in controversy than scientific knowledge.

Comment New Madrid is totally different from Ca faults (Score 5, Interesting) 96

The New Madrid fault is totally different from the faults in California. The earth in and around the New Madrid fault lines are covered with millions of years of river silt, clay, and other soft strata. It is several miles underground making observation of its activity difficult at best. The most observable activity is the sand boils. They usually indicate pressure pushing up to the surface. The faults in California are within harder, drier strata, making them much easier to see, even with the naked eye. The plates which make up the faults in CA also move with greater frequency causing the strata around them to be splintered with spiderweb cracking, making them easier to move when pressure builds up. The New Madrid fault doesn't move much because it is not along a significant induction/subduction area between plates like those in CA (though the plates on the coast are not actually diving under one another but rather rubbing against each other). This is why the last major quake at New Madrid was so large. There's very little movement to reduce the strain.

Comment Good (Score 1) 693

For a country full of people trying to get rich quick by appearing in reality TV shows, or cheating their way to a degree so they can do the same up the corporate food chain, I'm glad to see someone cash the reality check of those that think there's a shortcut that can be taken to success. I'm equally glad to see that he didn't destroy these students futures as well . Lets just hope that they take advantage of the moral lesson they have been presented with, and I hope others take note too. Hard work and honesty may not be the easiest thing to do, but it pays off in the end and still allows you to look at yourself in the mirror each day.

Comment Guess that make my decision easier (Score 2, Informative) 246

Use to think that Microsoft was the evil company and I'd never buy a 360. Glad I didn't buy either the 360 or the PS3. Though if I was a hardcore gamer, I'd have to say that this makes the 360 look a heck of a lot more enticing than the PS3. Congratulations Sony, you managed to find a way to kill off the PS3 faster than any would-be hacker

Comment I have a truck (Score 1) 1141

...with really crummy gas mileage. I'm doing my best to run the earth out of petroleum so we don't have anymore disasters like we are dealing with in the Gulf of Mexico now. But I'm just one man! I can't do it by myself people!

Comment I dont disagree with some of the reasoning (Score 1) 1073

but let's not forget that many of the same countries sited as examples also have a higher than average teen suicide rate. I sit next to a high school counselor who quit his job because our schools are more concerned with the job prospects and college prospects of their students than concern for that teens well being physically and mentally. The straw that broke the camels back was a student under his watch that lost all of his parents and grandparents in either health related issues or by accidents and this teen was facing homelessness and state custody issues, yet the school was only concerned about their SAT scores. Kids can not be relentlessly driven like adults who have been worn down and are use to overbearing bosses. National pride and school stats can not replace the life a student driven to the point of exhaustion that takes his or her own or a room full of classmates.

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