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Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 2) 271

Seriously though, I think that what Microsoft really wants with Skype is their userbase (and maybe their audio tech), and over time they will all be funneled into Windows Live. For some reason they don't think this is worth the money it costs as the users are unlikely to move on to Windows Live so they just cancel it.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 3, Insightful) 271

Is anyone surprised? Microsoft has a long history of bad ideas and costly projects met with very bad reviews. However, they usually keep pumping money into them until they are successful. If that doesn't work they just use their monopoly to make sure people use their software anyway^W^W^W^W^W^W^W^W in an attempt to make people use their software.

Comment Finally something different (Score 2) 395

The enemies in FPS games are always whoever the US doesn't like at a given time (this includes most titles produced outside of the US as well), be they russians, germans, vaguely-middle-eastern-something, vietnamese, chinese, the list goes on. Now we finally get a game where the roles are changed. I can see why some Americans are upset, but frankly it's about time.

Comment Re:And for Developers/Publishers? (Score 1) 189

Also: how much is it going to cost them to regain the goodwill they lost among users? They've already given away games to make up for their failure (those were surely worth more than 2.21$ per user), but I doubt that's going to cover it. I think the cost of this in the long run will make 170M seem like pocket change...

Submission + - Run Linux on JavaScript

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Cnet reports that programmer Fabrice Bellard has developed a JavaScript program that emulates an x86 processor fast enough to run Linux in a Web browser with a JavaScript PC Emulator that can do the work of an Intel 486 chip from the 1990s."I did it for fun, just because newer JavaScript engines are fast enough to do complicated things," says Bellard. "This emulator was a way to learn how to write optimized code for recent JavaScript engines, in particular JaegerMonkey (for Firefox 4) and V8 (for Chrome)."Bellard suggests some possibilities for more serious use, including benchmarks, running old DOS games, or as a teaching aid to use command line Unix tools without leaving the browser. But probably the project's biggest practical repercussion is simply the news that JavaScript has matured enough to run an entire computer-within-a-computer."

Submission + - Apple iPhone 5 deemed 'evolutionary not revolution (

Daniel_Lee writes: Industry insiders have chimed in over the past few days on what will be in Apple's next iPhone 5, but the consensus that the next phone will be a "super phone" is diminishing. Apple's next iPhone, expects in September, will be "evolutionary not revolutionary," with perhaps a better camera and a different casing, but no 4G, or LTE, wireless modem, according to BMO Capital's Keith Bachman.

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