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Comment Re:Netflix outspends HBO more than 2:1? (Score 1) 312

You forgot......Silcon Valley, Veep, Last Week Tonight, The Night Of, Vice Principals, Band of Brothers, Pacific, Boardwalk Empire, Eastbound and Down, Flight of the Concords, The Jinx, The Larry Sanders Show, Mr. Show, Oz, True Detective (Season 1), The Wire. and I'm sure there's more I'm missing.

All of these shows/mini-series are fantastic...most of the movies they play are filler.

I like a lot of Netflix's offerings, but the quality of content HBO consistently puts out is on another level.

Comment Re:And the truth comes out! (Score 1) 54

You joke about knockoff versions, but I've been watching Schitt's Creek lately and there's a character named Alexis on the show and my Echo Dot wakes probably twice an episode due to hearing someone say Alexis (usually it's when Catherine O'Hara yells it). Every once in a while, it'll respond with something random, usually though it just says "Sorry, I couldn't understand what you are asking."

Comment Re:Big - Small (Score 1) 261

The downside of this is that at a big company, you're likely to work the single role you were hired for and not much else. You're just the junior QA guy or the just the junior front end dev, etc. Unless you enrich your learning on your own time, you're can possibly get stuck siloing yourself off from a lot of career paths.

At a small company, you WILL out of sheer lack of numbers to fill every job responsibility have to fill a ton of different roles - application support, development, infrustructure, QA, desktop support, project managment/planning, analyst.

This scares some people and others (like me) enjoy the fact that even though I'm primarily a software developer that if our Oracle database for an application I have next to nothing to do with starts randomly puking that my boss is going to get me and the other couple senior guys who work for the company on the phone to brainstorm what to do to get it back online. Or if our primary desktop support guy is out, I may have to handle some tickets and help someone figure out why some random spreadsheet from a client won't open in Excel.

Comment Re:Price Biggest Factor For Me (Score 1) 221

At $2.99, I might consider it. At $10, though, I won't be buying it anytime soon.

I'd agree, if it was me, but my son (6) spent his own money on the game and is loving it. He's beaten every single level already (there's 24, I think) and is now trying to get every pink coin in the game - which is considerably harder. There is more complexity to the game than just jumping and it's not an endless runner Temple Run clone by any means. There's a lot of pattern recognition, timing and some problem solving needed to figure out how to get some of the coins.

He also loves being able to "play" against other people from around the world in Toad Rally and trying to beat them - you're playing against pre-recorded runs from others, not live ones.

I'm pretty sure that this game will see a lot of use for quite a while.

Comment Re:Use GitLab instead (Score 1) 227

I've seen very little iteration or change from GitHub in a very long time.

That's just plain disingenuous. They just released some nice code review stuff and projects support a couple months ago:

Here's their new feature postings:

They release something just about every couple weeks. It's not always huge, but they do iterate fairly often.

Comment Re:Insurance is a leech (Score 2) 497

I don't entirely disagree with your assertion, especially in hospital billing, but you're aware of this thing called inflation right? A 1975 dollar has the buying power of $4.55 today (according to the dollartimes inflation calculator).

My copays are $25 for a general visit. So, let's go with your assertion that $25 is what you paid for a full office visit in 1975 (I wasn't alive then, but I'll trust you), and convert that to today's dollar. That's $113.75, which is actually LESS than my insurance provider allows for a general office visit for in network doctors - I think it's about $95 if I remember my EOB the last time I checked.

I did this with a gen doctor visit because my standard Dentist cleaning visits are $80 (without insurance - xrays are additional though, did they do those in 1975 once a year?), so that's an even bigger discrepancy in 1975 vs. 2016 buying power.

Comment Re:I like how this is just now a problem (Score 1) 588

You have no clue what Advance Care Planning is, do you? This is mostly about creating an Advanced Directive so hospitals, doctors and your families know what your wishes are should you be in the unfortunate condition of not being able to make medical decisions for yourself due to an illness or accident. This is about laying out your desires to let them go to extreme measures to revive you (the default case) or if you choose letting yourself to pass so you're not laying around braindead and force the decision of what to do with you on your loved ones. Those are both extreme cases on the care spectrum and care planning involves much more than just this.

The reason it was written into the ACA is because you really do need a doctor to go over what can happen with you medically and what an Advanced Directive covers. Doctor's time is money and very few people are doing them, even though it really is a pretty important document to make for yourself, so the proposal in the ACA was to force reimbursement of that time by insurance to allow more people to fill out advanced directives. This is a good thing.

BTW...your first fortune link labels the "Death Panels" comment by Palin the biggest lie of the year. The second latimes link indicates the Death Panels comment was "universally discredited". In short, you are a moron and have been hoisted by your own petard.

Comment Re:Now one trusts the mainstream media anymore (Score 1) 212

If the major media outlets were in the tank for Clinton then they wouldn't have spent so much time on lead stories about her emails, rehashing the scandal over and over and over again constantly. They wouldn't have spent hours talking about her feinting spell, they wouldn't have spent time on the Clinton Foundation...and yet they did.

Comment Re:"If" I offended someone.... (Score 4, Informative) 497

You're either ignorant or lying about the joke involving gang rape.

This is the joke..."One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez."

The joke was meant to be about Palin's 18 year old daughter, a spokesperson of sorts for teen abstinence and ironically a teenage mother at 18. Palin's younger 14 year old daughter had attended a Yankees game earlier that day or week and the writers mixed up which daughter it was that was there. The joke was not particularly well written but the punchline is that A-rod is so virile that he can make women pregnant just by attending the game - since the abstinence preacher surely wouldn't be having more pre-marital sex.

Comment Re:ObamaCare is too expensive! (Score 1) 355

Tell me how rate hikes are somehow the fault of the legislation and not pure greed on behalf of the insurance companies?

Insurance companies got the biggest handout in their industry's lifetime (Obamacare requiring everyone to carry insurance) and yet they're still raising premiums at a 5% rate year over year.

Comment Re:No, she's not fine (Score 1) 523

Remember back in '92 when Perot got 19% of the popular vote and everything changed?

Yeah, me neither...because nothing changed about the party system then and it won't now either.

I won't be voting for either major party candidate (or Gary Johnson) simply because I refuse to lend voting support to any of them - vote your conscience. If you actually agree with Gary Johnson, then vote for him. If you actually support Hillary, vote for her.

Comment Re:basic features (Score 1) 63

I'm going to call BS here. Folders DO exist as object in Drive, they're technically just specialized files with a mime type of application/ Every file in Drive has parent(s) - which are either a folder or the drive root. It is very easy to walk the folder object hierarchy listing what files were in each folder and report on the sizes. Just using the public REST API I could write a script to do this in a few minutes, it's not going to be the fastest thing in the word, but it's not hard to implement. There's no way Google couldn't easily do this.

There's a weak argument to be made that since files can technically belong to several folders that telling you how much data is in one folder and you added all your folder sizes together that they wouldn't match your total drive usage (your total usage may be smaller).

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