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Comment Re:Are there even 4G phones yet? (Score 1) 306

I've always thought that the concept of "3G" and "4G" are generalized terms to begin with that lump various generations of cellular technologies together into easier ot digest generations.

Current networks labeled as "4G" such as Verizon's LTE network are definitely a sufficient improvement enough to warrant being labeled as a new generation I think. Trying out any of the LTE enabled devices in their store should convince anyone of this without looking at the technical specifications.

Comment Re:PROFILED (Score 1) 582

You're close to a good point raised by another person in the replies, that another hijacking attack is unlikely to occur with all the new safeguards, but you're supporting your argument with all the incorrect reasons.

The primary culprit that allowed such events to occur was a policy of cooperating with hijackers. That policy had been tested and proven effective dozens upon dozens of times before to counter act plane hijackings. The problem wasn't that the airlines were "trying to save a buck" by not reinforcing their doors or that "the patrons weren't all packing some sort of weapon" it was the very simply policy of cooperation. I mean heck a couple guys with box cutters stand no match against a mob of people - whether they're packing knives or not.

Now the correct people (air marshals, pilots, flight crew, etc) are trained to deal with situations like these. That's why it won't happen again.

Comment Re:Fuck you guys, someone has to say it (Score 1) 209

All of these things are common sense factors that would come with a drop in violent crime. The article isn't saying the violent games are the single determining factor but that the rise in violent games has been followed with a drop in violent crime. It's just correlation but it's a correlation that damages the common argument against violent games - that they cause violence in people.

It could be that all those factors are outweighing violent games but the correlation from TFA would seem to suggest that at the worst playing a violent game is probably a negligible factor in determining if you will be a violent criminal. I think that's all they're trying to say.

Comment Re:Offshoring. (Score 1) 527

Get off my lawn!

I should think the accessibility of technology today has encouraged students to become interested in software and computer science in general. And it's easier now than ever to write your own applications for various gadgets you own - especially something that's android or ios based. The hobby development hasn't gone away - it just moved to a different platform.

I mean I can't tell you how impressed with myself I was when I made some random junk in flash back in the day having not grown up with DOS based systems and IRC chat and I went on to a career in software dev. And it was playing other people's games that got me into doing that

Comment Re:Translation of meaning: (Score 1) 282

Of course Chrome - what I assume to be in your mind the "geek's choice" does everything you raged about in your post. Bugs, pointless versioning, etc.

But it's okay because they're the new kid on the block. Until a new browser comes along that is. Then Google can be the evil company producing a terrible browser that only luddites and non-geeks use.

Comment Re:My hands hurt... (Score 1) 330

Lest we not forget the Sony "boomerang" controller that originally debuted with the PS3 concept design. I'm sure some users gave that positive reviews to be paraded around like it was.

That design was vehemently debated between fanboys for months before Sony finally announced it was just going to use basically the same controller design from the PS2. Considering this console isn't going to launch until late next year (and let's face it with a launch window like what they gave we'll probably see it sometime in 2013) I would hardly be surprised to see the same thing happen.

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