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Comment Keep the discs coming! (Score 3, Interesting) 47

I'm a long-time Netflix subscriber - to the disc service, not the streaming service. Blu-rays look way better than streaming. However, what a lot of people don't know is that the disc selection is vast compared to the streaming selection. I googled it recently and found articles that claimed with streaming you had the choice of 6000 movies, with the disc service the selection was about 96,000 titles.

Unfortunately, the same articles claimed that while the disc-mailing service was very profitable, only a small percentage of netflix's subscribers used it (something like 5%) and that most likely it would go away in the next few years...

So, if you don't like the lmited selection of Netflix's streaming service, get the discs and let's keep it alive!

Comment 2 year pilot program? (Score 1) 723

The goal of projects such as these is to see how people would act if they had a guaranteed income for life. However, the flaw in this pilot (and all similar projects that I have heard of) is that it is only temporary stipend... I would act very differently if I had guaranteed income for 2 years vs for life.

If it was a 2 year income, I would pocket the money and keep working.
If it was guaranteed life-long income, I might stop working (depending on how much money it was).

The results of this pilot will be more or less useless.

Comment Not quite a disaster... (Score 1) 675

I think calling it a disaster is an exaggeration. Most of the problems described will be fixed in time: The spped will improve (already at some merchants is it quite acceptable). Also, as everyone migrates to the system, the confusion over insert vs swipe will go away as well...

These IMHO are the REAL problems:

1) The roll-out has been slow. Every article I've read says that the scanners and software are very expensive so a lot of merchants can't afford to adopt it or are delaying adoption. This is just stupid greed. The credit card companies should provide these at cost they would be dirt-cheap. Merchants would snap them up.

2) In Europe, where they have had this system forever (actually theirs is better - chip and pin!), it has not decreased crime. It has just pushed the fraud to online internet merchants. On the internet, you just provide your credit card numbers just like you always did. Why doesn't Visa and MC provide everyone with a free USB-powered reader to use at home on the internet? Sure, it would be a substantial one-time cost. The reasons then don't are #1 and #4.

3) The credit card companies adopted chip and signature which still leaves your card vulnerable to being stolen. They should have used chip and PIN (like Target does BTW), but they were too afraid it would "confuse" consumers and they would use their credit cards less. WTF? REALLY???

4) Why do these problems exist at all? Because these credit cards are a stop-gap measure. The credit card companies assume that people will pay for everything with their phones in 5 years, and credit cards will be obsolete, so there was no incentive to spend the money to do it right.

Comment Re:5% Discount on all purchases is why you buy Pri (Score 1) 105

I looked at that credit card. However, if you read the reviews, people are saying that if you don't carry a balance, then, at some point, they are going to drop your credit limit to just above your balance for that month. This results in you having a maxed-out credit card and tanks your credit score. No thanks.

Comment Re:Chromecast support (Score 1) 105

I don't really care about Chromecast Support. I bought the Fire TV and liked it so much I bought 2 more and canceled my cable subscription*. The voice search works great. Lots of good content. An it even has a VLC app that has network support so you can use the Fire TV to stream your local audio and video files!**

*Obviously, there's a lot of content on cable that you won't get with the Fire TV, but it's enough for me.
**I've had trouble watching some .mkv files with the VLC app. I think there may be an upper limit on file size? i.e. 2 GB?

Comment Re:Turn off Wifi on a Comcast Modem? (Score 1) 172

don't depend on the Comcast interface to do the job, logon to the router directly and do it at that level. those directions should be in some of the docs you got for the router.

I should have said - there does not appear to be any way to turn off Wifi even when logging into the router directly.

Comment Turn off Wifi on a Comcast Modem? (Score 1) 172

My Comcast modem has wifi turned on. A year or two ago, I read that this could be turned off by changing a setting at Comcast's site. I cannot find that option. Does it still exist?

BTW - I would like to replace their modem, but I also get my phone service through it. I am starting to explore VOIP phone services such as Magicjack. (I want to keep my old phone number and be able to use my fax.

Comment Not the holy grail (Score 1) 399

1) It's not the holy grail. It's been shown that if our energy consumption continues to grow along its current trajectory, then the temperature at the surface of the earth will reach the boiling point in several hundred years. Now, presumably the growth of our energy consumption will slow down at some point. But what this thought experiment demonstrates is that any power source that generates denovo heat on the earth is part of the problem. Ultimately, the source of our power will have to be the sun.
2) Even if a fusion generator could be created, it would also have to be cheaper than current sources of energy such as solar. Good luck. This hurdle may be more difficult than creating the fusion generator in the first place.
3) However, the real answer to the question: There have been so many failed predictions about when we would have practical fusion power, that no one believes in it enough anymore to put even more money into it.

Comment what will you treat with these robots (Score 1) 27

What exactly do people hope to treat with these things? You can't treat pneumonia or diabetes. You can't treat dementia. You can't treat cancer (trust me on this - the obstacles are mind-boggling). You can't treat COPD or any kind of endocrine disorder. You might be able to treat blood clots (heart attacks, strokes) and atherosclerosis. Maybe. What does the article say:

"deliver a highly targeted dose of drugs or radioactive seeds" - hmm we can already do this, and much more easily.
"clear a blood clot" - okay, that would be good. Although, it would have to work very fast. (Then how do you get the robots out again?)
"perform a tissue biopsy" - hmm, already easily done. Plus you need a reasonable large sample (the bigger the better) - how do you get the sample out of the body after you have it?
"even build a scaffold on which new cells could grow" Hmm, first you would have to destroy whatever tissue is already there to make space. Then where do the new cells come from? I don't think so...

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