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UK Gov. Wants IWF List To Cover 100% of UK Broadband 281

wild_quinine writes "The UK government stated in 2006 that they wished to see 100% of UK consumer broadband ISPs' connections covered by blocking, which includes images of child abuse. 95% of ISPs have complied, but children's charities are calling for firmer action by the government as the last 5% cite costs and concerns over the effectiveness of the system. According to Home Office Minister Alan Campbell, 'The government is currently looking at ways to progress the final 5%.' With a lack of transparency in the IWF list, firm government involvement, and blocking that only 'includes' (but may not be limited to) images of child abuse, it looks like the writing is on the wall for unfiltered, uncensored Internet connections in the UK."

The Broken Design of Microsoft's "Fix it" Tool 165

$luggo writes "Curious about MS Fix It, I recently went hunting in the MS knowledge base for articles that provide the new EZ-button. After locating on few, I decided to click the button to download the Microsoft Installer package containing the executable and/or files that automatically enable the DVD Library feature in Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate — on my XP Media Center. 'Surely, MS will use some scripting, HTTP User-Agent sniffing, or even Genuine Windows validation to verify that I am running Vista,' I thought. It did not and I canceled the download when I received the prompt to save the file. So, I wonder: is there a Fix-it for Fix it? Because I can easily imagine someone doing what I did without scrolling to the bottom of the KB article and verifying that the article applies to their OS/version. This is a great example poor design. Why not simply use the download approach that other articles / fixes / service packs use, whereby the user must select the appropriate OS?"

Google To Sell Truly Open Android Dev Phone 219

binary.bang writes "Google has announced an unlocked version of T-Mobile's G1 for sale at the same unlocked price of $399. The Android Dev Phone 1 is the G1, except being truly open: no SIM-lock, no hardware lock. Feel free to flash your customized Android build — the bootloader won't be checking for signatures. Don't be misled by the word 'Dev,' looks like all you need to qualify is an Android Market account. This looks like the Open Handset Alliance delivering the promised Open Handset: yes root, yes flash-your-build, no contract, no strings attached. Anyone else relieved & thrilled?"
It's funny.  Laugh.

XKCD Improving the Internet ... Yet Again 204

netbuzz writes "Comic creator Randall Monroe suggested in a recent xkcd strip that YouTube comments would be better — or, more precisely, less idiotic — if only those posting them were forced to hear their words read aloud first. Well, YouTube has gone and made this "audio preview" a reality, albeit an optional one. And, it's not the first time that xkcd has contributed to the betterment of the Internet, as those who are familiar with last year's "Internet census" and its use of a Hilbert curve may remember."

Comment Re:Traveling Cross Country (Score 1) 805

A friend and I did some driving on the Autobahn a couple summers ago. We were in the South part of Germany, near Stuttgart, and outside the city, there pretty much weren't any speed limits, except in one or two spots, or where there was construction. Contrary to what you've heard, it's not always congested in those spots, either. Like in the states, it all depends on where you are and what time of day it is. We had this stupid little rental Volkswagen, and managed to push it up to 160 km/h (about 100 mph) the whole time we were on the highway, and traffic was flying past us in the left lane.

While my buddy was passing someone, we saw headlights way the hell back in the distance. What seemed like a couple of seconds later, after he had moved back over into the right lane, a ferrari blew the fuck by us like we weren't even moving, and we were still going 160. Fun times.
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Journal Journal: Gone To Shit 1

Slashdot had already lost most of my interest some time ago, as you'll be able to quite easily tell if you are bored enough to read through my recent comment history; however, I still have been reading it regularly for the last couple of years. A couple of days ago, however, I stumbled across what was by far the most atrocious article summary I have ever seen on Slashdot, and I can't keep my mouth shut about it any longer.

Heartless Gamer writes:
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Journal Journal: Bill Gates

Reading this site seriously decreases my faith in humanity sometimes; the way a lot of people tend to think around here really has prompted me to stop posting very much.

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Journal Journal: Money, Alcohol, Rock

I never seem to have any money around for some reason or another. It's not like I don't make a decent salary; I have a Bachelor's degree and a decent (easy) job. It is in the public sector and I did graduate with a pretty horrible GPA, but I get along pretty well, being single and all.

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Journal Journal: Scotch

Never really bothered with this whole Journal thing before. Hell, I probably read and posted on Slashdot for two years before I even noticed that it existed. I'm just that smart, people.

Well, not that anyone will probably ever read this entry anyway, as none of my real life buddies ever read Slashdot, and I have never posted enough to gain a reputation one way or another in this place.

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