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Comment It's like a commercial (Score 1) 1251

BS in Information Science and Technology from Penn State with a 2.95 GPA: $40,000

MS in Information Science from University of Pittsburgh with a 3.5 GPA: $24,000

Job as team lead (because I know how to use ghost and schedule, not because of my degrees) decommissioning computers for people who got laid off because of the economy: Priceless (also $20/hr, although it seems low at least I have a job)

Now I'll admit I chose the wrong career field. I got suckered in by the promises of a very charismatic department head. I got my MS just because it seemed like something fun to do that may have lead to a better chance of being happy in this field. It hasn't as of yet, so now I'm taking pre-med courses with the hope of making a career shift.

My only gripe is, as people have pointed out, I expected some training. All I got was some bullshit (BS!) about how to "think and make decisions better". I didn't go to class unless it happened to be particularly interesting subject (such as rhetoric and public speaking), I just turned in my homework, did my projects and in some cases asked the teacher for the final way early so I didn't have to think about going back. Was I lazy? Yes. Was my GPA in undergrad higher than that of anyone else I graduated with in my degree that semester? (ok there were only 5 of them) Yes it was.

The point is, I hope this girls case brings to light the crock of higher education these days and makes young people think about it before going just because they "should". If any young person today asked me if I think they should go to college (especially for IT) I'd tell them to think long and hard about it, and consider how much the guy who repairs elevators makes over your average entry level office worker.

Comment At first I cringed. (Score 1) 891

When I saw 1 cent per mile I cringed but then like the reasonable person I am I pulled out my trusty calculator. I own a 2007 Civic Sedan. Let's low ball and say 30ish miles to the gallon when I combine my city/highway driving. For ease of conversion I pay 30/18.5 = 1.62 cents per mile right now. Someone double check my math since I am notoriously bad at arithmetic. So 1 cent/mile would save me a decent amount of money, while 2 cents would raise my current cost. Of course who knows what the value of a penny will be and the current gas tax in 2020.

Comment Was it really the flu? (Score 2, Interesting) 84

I always wondered why people who get the flu have such widely varying symptoms. This offers me a bit of incite, especially with my powers of wild speculation!

I've never had a doctor specifically tell me I had the flu but being the average Joe that I am I'll believe just about anything someone tells me. As long as they do it with authority! So it always seemed strange to me that my "flus" have had ranges of the sniffles to constant vomiting and other such disgusting bodily functions. Maybe it's because the flu caused something else lurking about to gain a foothold and attack with the vigor of a cracked out wookie.

Comment The weekend (Score 1) 508

It's more about the day than the location. Any day I don't have to get up with an urgent purpose such as getting in the car and driving to the office is best. Having time to get up when I want, make a nice breakfast, watch the news for about 45 minutes then get into it.

As to the location, I like quiet and not to be bothered IE: My study. The position I'm sitting in must be of a high comfort level (feet kicked up on the desk, in a chair that can lean back pretty far), keyboard in lap mouse to the side and monitor dead elevated for easy viewing in my laid back position.
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Journal Journal: First non contract job? 1

I find myself at an impasse. Two job offers on the table, one for less money with a smaller company that seems really fun and interesting and would build me a fine set of experiences in entry level development. Or be a NOC Zombie in a fresh start up initiative for more money than I've ever made with high possibility of advancement.
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Journal Journal: Masters Degree in IS: Paper airplane or Flyswatter?

Everyday while I wait for status bars to move towards the right side of the screen during a PC refresh project I browse internet job sites looking for something grander. However I rarely ever see my degree listed as a requirement for most jobs. They usually always say something about CS, CE, EE, or other degrees that to me seem more classic to the computer and IT field. I've been a long time Slashdot reader and the stories that really catch my fancy lately are ones about newbies (such as m

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