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Comment Re: America (Score 1) 399

Well said. The FAA has enforced it's regulations on pilots for years without giving the pilots any significant recourse or constitutional rights. Until Sen. James M. Inhofe got busted for landing on a closed runway. He was successful at getting the "Pilot's Bill of Rights" passed which established sensible burdens of proof and defendant's rights for pilots charged with violating regulations. Inhofe is considered to be something of an idiot among pilots for landing on the closed runway, but he's also considered "our idiot" if you catch my meaning.

Comment I know why (Score 4, Informative) 263

I worked designing ballot reading machines back in the late 80's. I enjoyed the work and we made some great equipment. Then the "hanging chad" incident came along and the Federal Elections Commission issued strict certification standards for ballot counting equipment. Once my company certified the machines that they sold, they ended all R&D and new product development. It was not possible to make incremental improvements without a massive retest and recertification, and the company (correctly) surmised that the certification costs would limit the playing field to the existing players. So, no incentive to build better machines.

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