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Comment We are eating oil (Score 1) 231

Stabilizing governments doesn't matter in the least, and open source hardware is too little too late. We are literally eating oil (fertilizer and pesticides, and to a lesser degree irrigation, the machines and transportation). We can't make enough food to feed the growing world population without oil. When we begin to run out people will starve. Followed by global chaos and wars. The first thing we need to do is cut back on burning oil so that we can eat a little longer. We are fast running out of time on this...

Comment Re:The universe is infinite (Score 1) 185

There is evidence that the universe is much larger than the observable universe (at least 250x), and is arguably infinite. Just because you can't see or measure it directly, doesn't mean you can't measure it indirectly: http://news.slashdot.org/story/11/02/01/2015250/Universe-250-Times-Bigger-Than-What-Is-Observable, http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/arxiv/26333/

Comment Re:USB Drive, SAN/NAS, LTO ... (Score 3, Informative) 680

1- Don't erase any images from the memory card except the useless ones (like those with the lens cap on). Get a new card when full. This is much cheaper than film and developing was just a few years ago.

2- When card is full, or when you get back from a trip like that, copy all the images to an external USB hard disk.

3- Every once in a while (once per year at least), do a system backup to the external USB hard drive, encrypt anything that might be embarrassing, and send the drive to your Mom for off-site storage.

Comment Um... why???? (Score 1) 256

The only time the US was actually under attack, they didn't use it. Other news sources are far faster and more efficient. Like my local paper that allows me to subscribe to SMS cell-phone updates.

See the WikiPedia article for more information on why national EBS is near useless: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_broadcast_system

Comment Re:So, how long before... (Score 2, Interesting) 577

The old cable-TV model is slowly collapsing for a few reasons:

The basic architecture of one pipe shared by whole neighborhoods is inherently bandwidth limited and not scalable.

In the sub-nets where the Internet signal is sent over coax along with TV signals (not the fiber backbones), the interference (intermodulation distortion) resulting from large numbers of signals originating from the customer’s modems reduces bandwidth quickly. Cable is inherently one-way, and does poorly when pressed into bi-directional service.

New Internet companies are able to distribute media ala-carte at much lower cost. Partly because they don’t have the contractual obligations to distribute content. The dispute between Fox and Cablevision is but one example of the greedy content providers forcing all cable customers to pay, whether they watch the content or not.

Demand and use of high speed Internet and high resolution HD channels is increasing rapidly.

Services like Verizon FIOS have a major edge over the antique cable system as they have individual pipes to each home and can increase total bandwidth with less infrastructure.

Comment Re:So? (Score 3, Insightful) 1193

Because they are not paying their share, and that means you and I have to make up for it. Further: this nation generally supports a progressive tax where the more wealthy pay a greater share, not less.

Not that Google is the slightest bit wrong for doing this! If I owned their stock I'd expect them to do whatever is legal to reduce non-productive expenses, which taxes are. I'd prefer them to invest it new products and technologies, or pay me a dividend.

Comment Re:Cumbersome (Score 1) 535

That... and how many 3D glasses do you need to buy? What are you going to do during a Super Bowl party? Ask everyone to bring their own 3D glasses? Will they even be compatible?

3D TV is a non-starter for me until a good product comes out that doesn't need expensive glasses (i.e. cheap polarized glasses, or no glasses).

Comment Re:Solution - Get Over it (Score 1) 1140

Computers are not really needed by the masses, they want entertainment devices. That means HD format screens are made in huge numbers.

There is not a large enough market for LCD manufacturers to make inexpensive devices optimized for displaying text. Would you pay even 25% more for a screen of the same area and pixel count, but different aspect ration? I didn't think so...

Do what I and many others do: get multiple screens and rotate one or more 90 degrees. Continue whining (like me too), but no one is listening...

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