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Comment 'Never' is a very long time (Score 1) 369

Hard to believe there are still /. readers who believe their jobs won't be capable of being done by robots one day.

Enjoy your fantasy world while it lasts, or perhaps get involved in the conversation about what society will become when automation is able to perform 99.9% of tasks currently done by humans.

Have a read of one of the many interesting books on the subject like Superintelligence

Comment Re:Blackphone 2 (Score 1) 129

The Blackphone 2 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. The maintainers (Silent Circle) released a patch a week ago that 'updates to the latest Qualcomm config files' but it's unclear if that fixes this specific vulnerability.

Nope, it doesn't. Still one out of four isn't bad :( (just vulnerable to: CVE-2016-5340) This will be a test of the promise to be the fastest at fixing/patching issues.....

Comment A final admission of defeat? (Score 1) 334

To the casual (and admittedly distant) observer of Obama's Presidency it looks as if he has finally had to admit that he will be unable to change things as he initially wished and that ultimately he did not fully comprehend the 'complexities' of the office.

Cynics would say that he was naive in believing that he could effect any fundamental change in areas such as government transparency but we need more people that believe they can or we might as well all pack up and head for that island (away from potential cyclones of course...)

Comment Re:The question is utterly stupid... (Score 2) 576

I don't think the question is stupid. Dismissing it out of hand seems more so.

1. Asking questions such as this, where we have limited information, often spawns interesting approaches to solving them

2. Any method for detecting 'unwanted visitors' may also be effective in detecting unintelligent (but still unwanted) visitors like significant lumps of fast moving rock which if unencumbered may cause an extinction event

3. It is an opportunity to involve people across national, political, tribal and ethnic divides in pursuit of something important to all of us.

(I'm sure there are many more advantages to at least contemplating what our civilisation could do in this 'hypothetical' situation but this lot should do for demonstrating that the question is at least worth asking...)

The Almighty Buck

When DLC Goes Wrong 261

kube00 writes "Poorly done downloadable content is one of a gamer's worst nightmares right now. Where a publisher stands to make some money, gamers get screwed. Whether it's the overpriced extra maps/costumes DLC, on-the-disc-at-launch DLC, or DLC that is nothing more than a remake of other content, no game is safe from bad DLC. That includes Modern Warfare 2, Bioshock 2, Uncharted 2 and a host of many other popular games. Is there a chance to fix this system?"

Comment Re:Don't be a policeman (Score 3, Interesting) 286

I'm in the UK and used to use Zen as my ISP. I found their tech support very helpful in spotting dodgy activity emanating from my home network and advising me on ways to investigate and correct my problems. They did warn that I should take immediate action or they would have to consider suspending my connection. I found this a sensible, helpful and mature approach to the situation.

If done properly involvement of the ISP in identifying and helping resolve infected PCs should be welcomed I would have thought...

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