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Submission + - Study says MySpace,Facebook reflects social divide

em8chel writes: "BBC is reporting about a research project from UC Berkeley PhD student Danah Boyd, who finds "those using Facebook come from wealthier homes and are more likely to attend college. By contrast, MySpace users tend to get a job after finishing high school rather than continue their education", among other things.

The conclusions are based on interviews with many teenage users of the social networking sites, says BBC."

Submission + - Roll your own Linux distro (

davidmwilliams writes: "Linux comes in many flavours, generally targeting specific architectures or users. However, your needs may vary — to this end ITWire present good reasons just why you might want to make your very own Linux distro and aim to give you both the inspiration and confidence to do so, guiding you to some of the best resources on the Internet."

Feed Techdirt: How To Make Being Put On Hold Even More Annoying: Pipe In Some Ads (

The success of advertising-driven business models on the internet continues to foster a belief among some people that everything can be made better with ads, like the ATT exec that thought it might be a good idea to put ads in people's cell phone ringtones. Now, a company hopes to make a frustration with which we're all familiar -- being put on hold by a business -- just a little more annoying by replacing hold music with targeted ads (via MocoNews). So while you wait for that tech-support person to pick up, or you get shuffled around from department to department, you can be treated to context-sensitive advertising. The mind boggles at the possibilities: ads for bookkeeping services when you call to straighten out a billing error, or for anger management classes when you get fed up. The company says that callers would have to opt in to hear the ads when they're on hold (and it's hard to imagine many people would), but they could also be played without any caller approval when they call free services like directory assistance. Up next: ad-supported bankruptcy filings...

Submission + - IBM's Blue Gene/P runs continuously at 1 petaflop

An anonymous reader writes: ZDNet is reporting IBM claims that the Blue Gene/P will continuously operate at more than 1 petaflop — It is actually capable of 3 quadrillion operations a second, or 3 petaflops. IBM claims that at 1 petaflop, Blue Gene/P is performing more operations than a 1.5-mile-high stack of laptops!

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