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Comment Re:Uh huh.. right. (Score 1) 253

I wonder. Would the UK extradite someone to Iran for some horrible crime, say, like looking at a non-nude picture of two shirtless guys kissing? (Or girls, if you are into that sort of thing.)

It's frightening, because every weekend I violate Saudi/UAE law by consuming alcohol. I hope I don't get extradited out there!

Comment Re:Legal Threats (Score 1) 407

Out of interest, were they all pertaining to use of P2P programs? Had they seen P2P traffic?
All this talk of shutting down locker sites had me trying to figure out if the reason is that with these sites (just downloading over HTTP port 80) means the ISP cannot do much to see illegal downloads, so the *IAA go after the source instead, whereas with P2P they can see traffic over a different protocol which sets off alarm bells and therefore triggers more scrutiny of traffic.

Comment Re:What is so hard to understand? (Score 1) 276

Derogatory tone aside, that wasn't really the point of what I was saying. Yes, you code something to achieve something, but the motivation behind it isn't the use of the product itself (as the GP suggested) but for the experience and accomplishment of making something. You can bake a cake from ingredients or buy it in a shop. Price difference is negligible so you only really bake a cake at home because you like baking. Similarly, I recently threw together a Hangman style game in Java. There is probably ten hangman games for every programming language out there, open source, ready to use. So why make your own?
My point is, yes people do it for the reward, but the reward is not the end product. Rather, it's the experience of the process that *is* the reward.

Comment Re:Too true (Score 2) 258

Here in Europe, the Polish are often seen as synonymous for cheap labour (they are the Mexicans of Europe, if that makes sense). I could see how some patriotic Mexicans might disagree with their fellow countrymen jumping the border to work in the US.

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