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Comment I am confused (Score 1) 499

This is about a woman who lied about her background. And somehow it has devolved into a discussion about the 2nd amendment, politics and the Tea Party. She Lied. If she had told the truth, chances are good that she still would have gotten the job. Look at the other bomb throwers that have been put into positions in this administration, and look at this administrations friends. I have been thru several levels of background checks and one thing I know for certain, it is a crime to lie to these investigators. It is also grounds to deny the clearance. No matter what it was for, even if it was just getting a job.

Comment It is even more basic (Score 1) 579

I think you are all overlooking the most basic reason, at least if the experts are to be believed. Women are more about communication and feelings, men are more about facts. Wikipedia is about facts, well at least it is suppose to be. Whereas Facebook and Pinterest are less facts and more communication. Again, if the experts are to be believed, it is just the way we are wired.

Comment High tech farming (Score 1) 133

They have doohickey's out now that take advantage of satellite imaging to tell the farmers where there is a problem in the fields, where it may need more or less fertilizer or water, how to plant better, when crops need to be rotated. There is also equipment with camera's on them that adjust the fertilizer or pesticides coming out of each nozzle on the fly. That way what is being put on the crop is customized for what that section of field needs. As been said above, combines and tractors where the operator just monitors what is going on, because between the GPS and the onboard computers everything is taken care of. If you want to improve farming, figure out how to drive a machine thru a field picking ripe tomatoes without bruising it, or knocking any other tomatoes to the ground. Or how to harvest fruit, only the ripe fruit, out of a tree or off a vine. Or how to pick broccoli, cabbage, lettuce and other foods like that without all the stoop labor.

Comment IPv4 will be around for a while. (Score 1) 248

Even if everyone makes a serious attempt to switch to IPv6 right now, IPv4 will be around for a while. There is not enough hardware available to replace the hardware that is not able to deal with IPv4 only. I have been ready for years. I am irritated that I cannot access anything via IPv6. As for the falsehood that we will never run out of IPv6 address's, look again. There is an end. It is way out in the future, but with everything being connected to the net, including pets, the end is coming. I hope they are working on IPvSomething past 6. We will need it.

Comment I will do this (Score 1) 184

Just as soon as someone will sign a contract with me to pay by connection bill for every bit of bandwidth over what I am paying for. Those of you living in high population density area's may not have to pay for every gigabyte, but those of us that have property that is measured in acre's instead of feet (if you even have property) don't have unmetered broadband. We pay for every byte, and we don't just give away what we pay for.

Comment This assumes everyone has unlimited connections (Score 1) 339

I will start streaming video just as soon as someone runs a fiber to my front door. At this point in time there are huge chunks of this country that do not have a hard broadband connection, they rely instead on broadband connections that have specific limitations on bandwidth. I will wait for the fiber connection, but I refuse to hold my breath.

Comment If you really want to live internet free (Score 1) 462

Just cancel your service and turn off your computer. If you load up a server with everything you might miss on the internet, and have access to it at work then you are not giving up the internet. You are just trying to convince yourself that you are. If you are going to do it, go cold turkey. Get rid of it all and buy a set of Encyclopedia Britannica.

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