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Comment Precedent. Ignorance? (Score 5, Insightful) 281

That's all well and good, in North Carolina. But, how is it going to play as a precedent in other courts? Particularly of interest is the federal level. I haven't kept up on the various decisions lately, but I believe other court rulings have supported the MPAA/RIAA.

I sincerely doubt that a judge in California will see things the same way. Of course, I've been wrong before.

Additionally, what's the motivation for organizations (schools or ISPs) to fight for privacy versus just rolling over? I don't hear much of an outcry from the public over this bullshit, so it's not like they're really trying to protect their images. And, we all know that corporations don't go to much effort just on priciple (schools are a bit better in this regard).

In terms of "selling piracy", the MPAA/RIAA have won. The public really buys into the idea of it being stealing (as opposed to copyright infringment), and doesn't seem to get too pissed off over the draconian punishments that have been handed down. Even people who are fairly technically literate, or well versed in law, often don't see the distinction between theft and infringement. It's pretty sad. Who else is up for forming a non-profit, whose mission is to educate the public on intellectual property issues? Lastly, if the public doesn't understand the issue all that well, can we really expect much better of the judiciary? In an ideal world, the judiciary represents the populace (of course, I'd hope them to be much smarter than the average asshole on the street though).

Comment The burden. (Score -1) 585

it doesn't hold true that because someone is born a part of that race that they will also commit crimes or will not be very smart. In this case it is a social problem, not a racial problem. This social divide came about from the whites' mistreatment of blacks in the first place, starting with slavery. What do you think?
What do I think? The burden of proof is on you, to prove that it's a social problem. Being that there is a clear and obvious correlation between race (regardless of social status and society/country/culture) and ignorant/criminal behavior, it is completely logical to conclude that such behavior is racially influenced. Race is the de facto cause, any claim to the contrary assumes the burden of proof.

Even niggers born into affluent families, with educated parents, tend to exhibit such behaviors. Which would strongly indicate race as the cause, and that their parents are simply familial anomolies made "successful" by social pressures.

In fact, it is society (the white man's society at that) which improves the shitskins, despite their innate nature. Alas, this improvement has a very low success ratio. That's why we find ourselves in our current state, having society dragged down by these dirty bastards.

Journal Journal: Our culture is fading... 3

This is some really scary shit. The part about the visas is pretty fucked up too. They want to ship their brown brothers over here, so that they can ship money back. Those dirty little bastards suck ass.

Journal Journal: Dead nigger child. 23

I originally read this story and just thought they were some typical religious whackos. Then, I looked at CNN's writeup. As you can see, the fucking kid was a nigger (hell, he was a fucked up nigger). Also, if you read the quotes from the church members, it's clear how fucking dumb they are (in ca

Journal Journal: Reject this, you ignorant slut. 10

Time to get another story submission rejected. Admittedly, it's nothing that special, just a quick summary of what's going on today. But, everyone loves stories about the nasty media conglomerates, so I figured I'd submit it.
The Courts

Journal Journal: No justice for whites. 4

If you're white, you can be retried over and over, until you get convicted. Niggers can kill cops and go free (even when they're convicted, they aren't that severely punished). But, if a cop so much as pushes a nigger, that cop MUST be found guilty of assault (lest there be rioting).
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: A fine example.

This is what came from emancipating the porch monkeys. The fuckers should never ever be allowed to run a country, they always fuck them up. Oh, well, niggers killing each other amuses the shit out of me...

Journal Journal: Niggers suck. 7

Honestly, I really don't understand why some people get all upset over racial slurs. Everyone knows the dirty skins are inferior, what's wrong with saying it out loud? If we don't talk about it, will the problem go away? That's fucked up jew-logic.

Journal Journal: That other University of Michigan lawsuit. 3

I sent this in as a story for the main page... I doubt it'll get there though. They couldn't stand to have my name on the front page. Anyway, this is another important legal decision (no less important that telling the RIAA to go fuck itself). And, like many intellectual property cases, we all just got screwed.
The Media

Journal Journal: If all races were equal... 15

You can tell the difference between races (except for some mudbabies and their ilk) with a simple visual inspection. How the fuck can anyone try to pretend that we're all the same when we have such obvious differences?

Journal Journal: What qualifies as flamebait? 4

How is this flamebait?

Sure, it's not very well written (I didn't proofread it). But, it's more-or-less correct and informative/educational. Up until 14-16 hours after it was posted, it only got moderated as "Informative" and "Underrated". Then, all of a sudden, it got modded as "Flamebait". What the fuck caused that?
User Journal

Journal Journal: What's wrong with racism? 10

Why do people have a problem with judging someone by their race? It doesn't make sense. You can judge people by their friendliness, intelligence, strength, attractiveness, but not their race. That's just fucking stupid.

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