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Submission + - How to Phone Home with Somebody Else's Phone

An anonymous reader writes: Did that mysterious-looking fellow with the strange accent just give you a business card? Perhaps you shouldn't put it in the same pocket as your phone:

Thomas Brewster-Fox from Forbes reports on research from Israel’s Ben Gurion University showing "a novel, silent and cheap method for transmitting data, such as sound recordings or location data of a target, to a spy’s server. [...] for just $3, [an attacker] could install a small device in a business card or even a sticker (yes, even the tiny kind that Mark Zuckerberg puts on his webcam) that would use an audio signal to force a phone or tablet gyroscope to vibrate at its resonant frequency. This would be registered by code running on the target’s phone – most likely within an innocent-looking web page – that queries the gyroscope as quickly as possible, uploading its reading to a server. If, for instance, the implant is recording audio and location, it can transmit that information in 1s and 0s at a fairly fast rate – hundreds of bits per second of data – by just activating and deactivating the gyroscope. The website code would accept those bits and turn them into something useful, like the latitude and longitude of the unfortunate victim"

Comment Re:Run to the USA to fund the murder of the purps? (Score 4, Interesting) 422

US FMF grants to Israel in 2011, divided by the population of Israel in 2011, ends up as $384 per capita. The 2011 US budget, divided by the population of the US in 2011, ends up as $11,897 per capita. That's ignoring the fact that Israel has to spend the FMF money in the USA, in effect subsidising the American military-industrial complex.

Protip: Don't post bullshit pseudo-statistics to Slashdot - we guys love our calculators.

Comment Re:nothing ironic about it (Score 1) 609

The obvious thing would be for Israel to pay for the entire trip, including the trip to the Palestinian territories. That would be the obvious, right and peaceful thing to do. Apparently, Israel isn't interested in that.

I hope Israel will turn around and do the right thing.

Comment Article seems slightly inaccurate (Score 1) 89

The article talks about R2010b, which isn't out yet.  R2010a (which *is* out), supports parallel processing pretty well (I use it constantly), but not exactly "natively" -  you have to pay extra for an option called the "Parallel Computing Toolbox" which also gives you sweet stuff like multicore, HPC and so on.

Hungary Uses iPad To Draft New Constitution 157

An anonymous reader writes "Hungary is drafting its new constitution on, believe it or not, an iPad. Jozsef Szajer, a Hungarian politician and member of the European Parliament, wrote an enthusiastic blog post last week detailing how he's using Apple's tablet device to flesh out Hungary's new constitution, the country's first since 1949. Not only is Szajer using the iPad to churn out new constitutional drafts, but he's also using it to review new draft proposals. Apparently all aspects of the new Hungarian constitution are being vetted via the iPad in one form or another."

Comment I told you - I was one of those (Score 1) 200

True story - I wrote the SSL/SSH code for an Embedded router a few years ago. I *didn't* specify a hard-coded key -- instead the router would freeze for a few seconds to generate the key when you first activated SSL or SSH (only the management CPU froze - traffic still went through). The router's CPU was pretty crappy - it took quite a while to generate a 2048-bit key pair.

You can't imagine the amount of griping this slowdown caused from the product/marketing teams. They really really wanted it hard-coded. Fortunately "security guys" are taken seriously in Israel so as far as I know it's still generated on the fly.


Submission + - Papermaster leaves after antennagate (

line-bundle writes: "Mark Papermaster, the Apple executive in charge of hardware for the company’s flagship iPhone, has departed the company in the wake of widely reported problems with the antenna of the recently introduced iPhone 4.

It is not clear if Papermaster was kicked out or left on his own."

Previously, at the Apple press conference on the antenna issue, Mr Papermaster was not present. This was very unusual considering that he was in charge of the iPhone. Papermaster was featured before on slashdot here.

Comment Worth reposting this classic... (Score 1) 220

It's friday, so I get into work early, before lunch even. The phone rings. Shit!

I turn the page on the excuse sheet. "SOLAR FLARES" stares out at me. I'd better read up on that. Two minutes later I'm ready to answer the phone.

"Hello?" I say.


I hate it when they shout at me early in the morning. It always puts me in a bad mood. You know what I mean.

"Ah, yes. Well, there's been some solar activity this morning, it always disrupts electronics..." I say, sweet as a sugar pie.

"Huh? But I could get through to my friends?!"

"Yes, that's entirely possible, solar activity is very unpredictable in it's effects. Why last week, we had some files just dissappear from a guys account while he was working on it!"

More here...

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