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Comment Re:How many iPhone killers is that? (Score 1) 617

If Palm wants to do so, they're going to have to do everything the iPhone does and do it better.

How about the main function of the device-- making phone calls? This has been my gripe with all the Palm devices, the iPhone, and the Blackberry Storm. Phone clarity sucks. As a sysad, I use all the bells and whistles on my smartphone, and got one with a slide-out qwerty keyboard (now, I can ssh into a server and use vi), but the main thing I need the phone for is so that people can call me. And quite honestly, the only smartphones I've seen with high-quality phones are the Q and the various phones made by HTC and Samsung.

Comment Re:Hell no. (Score 3, Insightful) 1141

Actually, Joe Bob with his Master Electrician license IS going to be better qualified to wire your house than a PhD in Electrical Engineering with 20 years experience. It's a different skillset, requiring different knowledge, and uses different tools. You also need to quit thinking like a classist prick and realize that electricians do spend a lot of time in school, and that the combined schooling and training of a Master Electrician is probably at least equal to that of a Master's Degree.

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