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Comment Lucky (Score 2, Insightful) 698

He is lucky it made it in the news, because he would be MIA pretty quick for leaking that much information. Treason is nothing to mess with! not saying the info shouldent have gotten out, but I cant imagine all of it needed to be leaked and probably contained information on missions that could have jeopardized people ACTUALLY in the field. The video was pretty powerful though, and I can imagine it represents almost any military footage you would find by any country throughout the world. Sadly.

Comment Re:The real problem (Score 2, Informative) 183

Most modern batteries (like the ones made where I work) have short circuit protection built in from the ground up, so simply using a paperclip would only make it get a little warm before it shut itself down (latest gen models can even reactivate when the short circuit condition is rectified). This is done by both a chip that monitors the battery, and the separator itself in extreme conditions.

Comment Re:programmers (Score 1) 633

This is true, overworking and unreasonable deadlines are present in almost any industry, and to be honest, I would have envied those guys at rockstar with what the company I work for had us doing.. 13 days on, 1 day off, 12-16 hr days, for 4 months straight at one point. It breaks people down, after only the first month injuries and massive mistakes became the normal, then people started calling in, quitting, and becoming extremely irritable over everything. But even after all of that, if another huge contract came in, they would do it again in a heartbeat, because to management, money is worth it, and you should be happy to be working at all..

Comment Re:New stations NOW (Score 1) 260

I am a huge fan of Nuclear Power, however, I sometimes wonder if all the irrational fear of Nuclear Power was Good for the industry? I kinda think all the negative attention and scare tactics and stuff made the nuclear industry have to go over and above to continue proving, without doubt, that they were safe..

Very true, I live near the Ginna Nuclear plant (and my dad was head of maintenance systems there) when they had an accident in 1982 with a ruptured line near the reactor that released minute traces of radiation in the area. In the next years following they spent over 100 million dollars in planning and upgrades, an epic steam generator replacement, and constructed a full replica of the control room for training that is reguarded as a top facility in the country. The media went nuts over this accident (that released less than 3 millirems in the highest concentrated area) and they responded by improving, and making a plant that once wasent expected to run past y2k, into 2029, and beyond if the upgrade and improvements continue at this pace.

Comment Already make safer lithium/ion (Score 5, Informative) 77

The additive is usually in the separator that keeps the lithium and cathode apart (which you want to do). When the battery overheats the separator breaks down and disables the battery, this has been used where I work for over 20+ years, and is in no way new tech. Putting the same thing in the cathode is like putting a guard rail on the very edge of a cliff instead of 15-20 ft from a cliff, it may stop small shorts that slowly develop in the battery, but a major short, or hole in the separator will melt down and become quite dangerous before the cathode is even involved. Plus, how hot before this effect happens? Cathode is heat treated at over 650F, I sure hope it doesnt take that much to trigger this new substance.

Comment Re:Complaining when you got what you asked for (Score 1) 382

Your ISP and time warner are two completely different animals methinks. They don't guarantee anything whatsoever, they just inflate the numbers to make us think we are going faster. Turbo my ass, My line has never achieved 15Mb/s, and it will never achieve 10 if I pay the retarded 150 a month for unlimited. So until they provide the speed they promise, why should we pay for the bandwith used?

Comment Re:Ultimately, I think we need better chemistry .. (Score 1) 339

Or a better shutdown mechanizm, The separator paper used in the anode material in the battery is suppost to be sufficient enough to melt and chemically disable the battery before a critical situation like that can occur. My guess, is for cost concerns less of that separator were used, or the battery took quite a bit more abuse than anybody is letting on. I work at a plant that makes these things, and while they are quite unstable, and boy do even the smallest cells make a big flame, they are also quite resiliant once they have been sealed, and when made properly they resist improper handling quite a bit better than lead acid variety.

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