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Comment Re:Not consistent? (Score 1) 823

Without measurements, I can say with certainty anything I want.

With measurements, I can only say with certainty what the measurements prove.

An Inconvenient Truth pointed out that warming can lead to cooling in some areas, as ocean currents change. Skeptics point out that urban density leads to localized warming. So whatever you've felt or noticed in your tiny area of the globe doesn't prove anything at all.

Also, that poster didn't refer to kooks or frauds at all. It was a statement of scientific skepticism. Skepticism is required for good science. What's bad for science is emotional people who are scared because they've used their ninth-grade notion of "science" to convince themselves of a conclusion that becomes "obvious" to them... even though they actually know jack shit.

As for me, I *know* I know jack shit and so I will wait for more data points.

It's funny.  Laugh.

The Top Ten Off Switches 245

Dan Jimbokla submitted a story that normally i would pass over, but I actually oddly enjoyed it. "CNET.co.uk has a truly funny and read-worthy article up about the top ten off switches. One of my favorite switches from the piece is #4 — The illuminated toggle switch: "This switch isn't designed for high-drain uses, typically it can only provide a maximum of 20 amps at 12 volts. That will make it suitable for a number of exciting uses though, and what it lacks in power handling, it makes up for in practicality. This switch will illuminate when the device it controls is turned on, and go off when the device is deactivated. This is logical and practical, and that has earned this switch a place in our hearts. What's more, it's far from expensive and there are even a choice of colors.""

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