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Comment Laugh all you want, but we have to discuss this. (Score 1) 866

Just imagine how hard the transport sector alone will be hit by layoffs in the coming decades. A quick peak reveals that transportation currently employs 7.4% of the American population. What if they fire 50% of the work force due to increased automation? Or worse.
Politicians may stall the inevitable by restricting progress to save jobs, but we know it will get to a point where human error is so unacceptable that insurance firms will demand it.

Comment Steam User Score beats traditional scores (Score 4, Interesting) 135

The Steam User Score is currently my most trusted metric for how good a game is, something which is considered "overwhelmingly positive" with a couple thousand user reviews is usually a worthy purchase.
For non-steam users, imagine Metacritic except you can only submit your score/review if you own the actual game and it's either thumbs up or down.

Comment Re:ZOMG PANIC! (Score 1) 127

Even if Mario Kart sells well and gets some machines off the shelf, it's not like 3rd party developers will experience a moment of epiphany and line up up to produce exclusive triple A titles for the system. Where did this 'wunderwaffe' type of thinking come from?

I can't imagine some soulless CEO of EA slamming his desk, denouncing Sony/MS and rushing over to Japan to give Iwata a teary-eyed congratulatory blowjob because MK8 sold so well.

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