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Comment Re:Sick of the trick questions on interviews (Score 2) 1001

With 40 years experience, an extensive resume, 100's of successful projects, I'm still treated like I graduated yesterday and am "tested" on what I know. It's insulting and companies need to stop.

Funny, I have literally half that resume (20 years of successful projects) and I never get "tested" for interviews. Every interview I have is along the lines of "So Hodr, we heard about you from X who said you were a key player in the success of project Y. Let me tell you about all the wonderful benefits of working for us here at Z Corp."

Comment Re:About stealing (Score 1) 176

I know it's fun (and easy) to bash Trump, but he does pay taxes.
He pays sales taxes, real estate taxes (more than any of us ever will), gas taxes, etc. etc., he just doesn't pay income tax because apparently his taxable income on his businesses is less than the amount of money he has previously lost in those businesses, so when averaged he has not made a profit for which to tax. Doesn't say much for his business acumen, but it's not dishonest.

Comment Re:Changed under Bush (Score 1) 70

But with eminent domain they paid you fair value (or their idea thereof), which can be determined because people buy and sell comparable property all the time. They also have to have appropriated funds for a specific task that requires purchasing that property. If you have a patent, it is supposed to be unique, so it would be hard for the government to accurately set a price and even if they could, assuming the technology / medicine/ whatever is as important as you believe it to be, the cost would be astronomical. Could the USDA or whichever organization afford to pay $10B per drug patent for every lifesaving medicine? If not, which ones do they choose?

Comment Re:only have second hand knowledge (Score 1) 114

I guess it's all in who you know, and what their job is. A coworker of mine recently (well 6 months ago) left to work for Amazon. Got almost a 50% bump in his already exorbitant salary and every time we talk he can't stop gushing about how great his new office is and how amazing the benefits/hours/etc. are.

Comment Re:Concrete and Steel (Score 1) 121

Just last month a massive avalanche killed loads of innocent people - and that one has been fairly conclusively linked to climate change. Such events will only get more common as glaciers melt.

Patently false. Once the glaciers have melted and there is no more snow accumulation, avalanche frequency will severely decrease.

Comment Re:Popcorn. (Score 4, Insightful) 382

It's actually somewhat more telling that despite all the relentless scrutiny, investigating, and endless parade of hearings, over 24 years now, there still has yet to be a single indictment or criminal charge against her. Either she's the canniest most effective schemer ever (yet simultaneously incompetent enough for all the rest of these minor screwups), or there's really not a lot to any of it.

You find it telling that someone who is married to a former president, who has friends in places of power in the government and private sector, who is incredibly wealthy, and who has maintained high profile political positions for decades doesn't get an indictment or criminal charge?

You must believe Putin is a stand up guy too. Right?

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