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Comment Re:Popcorn. (Score 4, Insightful) 382

It's actually somewhat more telling that despite all the relentless scrutiny, investigating, and endless parade of hearings, over 24 years now, there still has yet to be a single indictment or criminal charge against her. Either she's the canniest most effective schemer ever (yet simultaneously incompetent enough for all the rest of these minor screwups), or there's really not a lot to any of it.

You find it telling that someone who is married to a former president, who has friends in places of power in the government and private sector, who is incredibly wealthy, and who has maintained high profile political positions for decades doesn't get an indictment or criminal charge?

You must believe Putin is a stand up guy too. Right?

Comment Re:I'm not seeing good explanations here.... (Score 1) 128

It's probably much simpler than that. Right now, if they have a conflict with someone else over a domain name, they have to sue in a US court to seize it. If it's an international body partially run by large IT corporations, I have to imagine the rules might change a bit from first come first served.

Comment Re:Returns! (Score 1) 167

Is it really that onerous to stick it back in the box they shipped it in, slap the label on, and drop it off at the UPS store (or other mailbox store)? If so, you can even schedule UPS to pick it up. Even on a Saturday if you are too busy during the week.

Comment Re:Eh? (Score 1) 210

Seems you should know what the issue is, but by your advice to remove trickle charging we can see that you do not (these are not open cell lead acid batteries that constantly gas electrolyte). Current battery technologies share a common characteristic that the higher their charge, the more internal resistance they have. Similarly, they breakdown through cycling of extreme temperatures.

The most optimal charge method (the one that produces both the greatest amount of charge per cycle and allows for the greatest number of cycles) begins with checking the cell voltage, the resistance, and the temperature to determine roughly the charge level. If the cell is undercharged a higher current can be applied, but typically no higher than c/10 for a very depleted cell. As the resistance raises (or the cell temperature) the current needs to be reduced, eventually to ~ c/20 (your trickle charge). Trickle charge is not just a small amount of current, it is specifically an amount small enough that it does not raise a fully charged cell's temperature enough to cause any thermal breakdown, but still provides a charge. Increasing the bulk charge rate (even to c/5) will not do terrible damage, but it will reduce the life of the battery (maybe you get 600 charges, instead of 1000, etc.).

So what's the issue here? Speed. A charge rate of c/10 takes 10 hours to charge, c/20 takes 20 hours, and so on. So a completely drained phone might take 15 hours to charge completely safely to 100%.

Instead the phone manufacturers find a temperature that doesn't cause immediate catastrophic damage, identify a constant charge rate that shouldn't pop this limit, and charge you to ~85% or so, then back off slightly for the last 15%. All this, so you can charge your phone in a couple of hours (or minutes with SUPER DUPER FAST CHARGING), but you are doing much more damage to your battery.

Comment Re:well well well (Score 1) 769

All Trump does is reinforce that the cult of celebrity can win over a crowd. If he was a nobody, or just a regular politician with the same views, he wouldn't have had the support. The fact that he was a celebrity/famous, and that he had the money to campaign without party support, are what facilitated Joe Sixpack's vote.

Comment Re:Move along, nothing to see (Score 1) 108

Pretty sure that's not what was happening or what was alleged. The son specializes in a very specific and incredibly lucrative type of litigation. The father appears to be very friendly towards those that like to pursue such litigation, encouraging them to file in his district. The son ends up with much more work than would otherwise be the case if he lived ANYWHERE else in the US (including Silicon Valley, where there is the largest concentration of US technology firms).

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