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Comment Re:well well well (Score 1) 769

All Trump does is reinforce that the cult of celebrity can win over a crowd. If he was a nobody, or just a regular politician with the same views, he wouldn't have had the support. The fact that he was a celebrity/famous, and that he had the money to campaign without party support, are what facilitated Joe Sixpack's vote.

Comment Re:Move along, nothing to see (Score 1) 108

Pretty sure that's not what was happening or what was alleged. The son specializes in a very specific and incredibly lucrative type of litigation. The father appears to be very friendly towards those that like to pursue such litigation, encouraging them to file in his district. The son ends up with much more work than would otherwise be the case if he lived ANYWHERE else in the US (including Silicon Valley, where there is the largest concentration of US technology firms).

Comment Re:Do we have to point this out? (Score 1) 280

Who is that old woman on your money? Is she a native Canadian, or do you more or less borrow her from somewhere else (you know, because they were in charge a long time ago and already had a decent system in place).

How often do you try to change that woman's nationality or place her under the control of an international body?

Comment Re:Ownership of Internet is just an illusion (Score 1) 280

Just for my own curiosity.

What if one day a neighbor of yours put in a very nice dock allowing easy access to the pond adjacent to most of the properties in your neighborhood. And if over time you, and your neighbors, and all of your friends decide that rather than build or continue to maintain your own dock you would instead use your neighbors.

Then one day you decide you don't particularly like that neighbor, or you don't like all of the choices they make about how to maintain their dock (you don't like the color, for example), do you think that you should be able to form a neighborhood committee and nationalize your neighbors dock? If you tried, do you think your neighbor might rightly be a little upset about the people who have for so long taken advantage of his hospitality and now want to take his property away from him, and that he might instead tell you to sod off and build your own fucking deck?

Comment Re:Control Of DNS (Score 1) 280

I know it's been said here, but I feel like you keep missing the point. No one is exerting control over your networks, servers, etc. You are voluntarily ceding control, so it's within your own power to stop.

Don't like the US control over DNS, put up your own root servers and use your own DNS. Want it to be international, then set it up in an international body and convince other nations to join it.

If I offer you a service, and you like it so much you decide to rely on it in lieu of starting your own service, it doesn't give you any inherent rights of ownership over my service. Don't be so lazy and entitled, get off your ass and fix your own problems.

Comment Re: and we should care? (Score 0) 477

Maybe we are playing the long con. Remember how much the world loved America (for a short while) when we elected Obama, after 8 years of Bush? Imagine how happy the international community will be when we return to sanity after 8 years of The Donald. Whoever comes next may get two Nobel prizes.

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