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Comment Apple won't do what a russian kid can (Score 0) 341

every technology can eventually be cracked the fact that apple doesn't want its clueless buyers to understand this is foolish. They think if you are someone who commits crime or is a pervert then that secret will be yours and no one elses. if you buy an apple phone. the fact is thats just not true. From my understanding what has to happen is someone has to sideload a hacked os on to this phone that has been authenticated.. not the most impossible thing in the world to do but when you are talking about data that could lead back to contacts with ISIS Leaders both in syria and outside of syria then this has to be done perfectly or you can screw it up bad... and there won't be a second try. Apple has admitted they have the ability to do this.. its not the end of the world if they didn't do this.. but heres the thing .. when is it more of a benefit to keep your porn safe vs catch criminals? It could be a single murder victim or a rapist or in this case the possibility of a ISIS terror cell in the USA that needs to be stopped. The Judge makes that decision. There should be times when Apple unlocks phones and that should be when a court order is requiring them to do that.. what if your loved one snaps a pic of their murderer and you can't get in to find out who..

Comment Every Illegal Alien should be Biometric Scanned (Score -1, Flamebait) 265

They should do that to every person that is caught illegally in the USA and every person entering the USA on a VISA.
Entering the USA is not a right its a privileged and if you cross the border with 50 pounds of heroin or marijuana on your back then you should do time digging a trench on the southern boarder ... then give up all possessions to fund your incarceration and then be deported with a face tattoo.
I think the USA should get a copy of that database for ID of illegals in the USA

Comment Schools Should Use Public Domain Books 4 Teaching (Score -1, Offtopic) 437

We could save billions of dollars every year on text books which are written by a handful of people, produced by 3 major publishers and printed overseas.

The cost for New School Books is a serious expense Public Domain Book can cut that cost and they are already available from Government Repository Libraries.

The Federal Government has spent millions of dollars developing all types of educational books. The State Department has books that teach foreign languages, there are books on basic and advanced math, science and almost every subject available through the Department of Education.
There is no need to redesign books on math every year the only benefit is to publishers.
With the availability of tablets, laptops and home computers or even computer labs at colleges the education of students in most core studies does not need high costing books.
Teachers should review what is available then offer changes and additions as part of their job.
Unfortunately many teachers are incompetent and can only teach out of a book. They do not know their subject or their students.

And our educational system is corrupt.

Comment SPACE TRAVEL IS IMPOSSIBLE! Stop the Garbage (Score 0) 498

People really want there to be space aliens but the fact is space travel is impossible.
The nearest closest planet that may MAY be able to support life is 45 thousand light years away.
That means if the human body which can not last more then 5 years in space because of bone loss was to make this trip you would have to do it at somewhere around 9,000 times the speed of light...
Now this is only to the very closest MAYBE planet but if you want to travel to planets farther away you are talking 2x 5x 10x the speed ...
Now we all love startrek but warp 9,000 or 10,000 for 5 years or 10 year or warp 5MILLION what does it matter because there is not enough PROPELLENT in the earths ocean if we used all the H and O in the Water of all the oceans...

GIVE IT UP! Mars is as good as we will ever get and that is just about impossible...

Comment This is not about protecting Kids ITS SOCIALISM (Score -1, Troll) 107

This is the problem the EU wants to ban all cookies so they can kill advertising run by Google.
Basically they want to kill google the same way they want to kill microsoft and its because they can't control the best companies in tech with their socialism

Without a cookie Advertisers can not be given views and click counts.
However banning all cookies means shopping carts and online web aps wont work anymore.
Its all about money to them and nothing to do about protecting kids.

You better bet that every ISP in europe and the world for that matter is using a transparent Squid Server that logs every dialup, cable modem, fios connection and they use that data along with their IP logs to link all useage to a specific home or connection...

They know every file you download... every site you visit... every torrent you connect to..

This is not about protecting kids

Comment I have no problem with sites using Cookies (Score 5, Insightful) 107

Its foolish to say cookies are harmful they are a technology that is required by many online applications and if the end user wants to they can always turn them off or block specific sites from placing a cookie in your cache.

They are not the same as malware.

Cookies are not Malware they can not enter your Operating System and send data to anyone.

What some people are paranoid about is Opening Google Webmail and then browsing porn sites or other not so nice sites....

Hey idiots WEB SERVERS HAVE ACCESS LOGS the sites you visit already know every file you touch on their site ...

Not to mention routers and Squid servers used by your ISP can track all of your actions... and that has nothing to do with cookies.


Comment Credit Card Fraud is not due to Stealing The Card (Score 0) 239

You don't see a lot of Nigerian CC Theives pickpocketing cards

Credit Card Fraud is not due to Physically Stealing the Card. Maybe back in the 1960's when people were using 3 piece paper receipts that had to be run through a manual stamper this card could have made sense but it is a waste of time to try to protect accounts this way.

Does anyone remember TJMax had a few million card numbers stolen
There are about 20 big hacks where millions of card numbers were stolen.

In addition some people use their cards with un-reputable merchants

The idea of putting a password on your card is bogus when most thieves never need physical access to your card to steal from you...

And this does nothing about companies that release personal data about you and your account to their "AFFILIATES"

Or the fact that every college and High School sells your personal data to list companies. THATS RIGHT ... DIRECTLY FROM YOUR SCHOOL RECORDS
Name address, birth date, parents names and more

The card is one more level of stupid
however it may protect you from your kid ordering crap off tv.

Comment Re:well done WRONG! (Score 0) 1695

This is the difference between Islam and Christianity and how weak we are.. Its like sympathizing with your captor as a hostage....
Everyone who is not a Muslim under their faith must die they are the only religion in modern times that practices this belief.

And you know whats really messed up in the koran they recognize Christ and Moses and in all three of our religions we all worship the same God.

Unlike mayor bloomberg who believes NYC must build a mosque at ground zero....

I DONT believe that ... unless the terrorist win.. then the terrorist win.

If someone burnt a Koran in a muslim country they would be killed GET THAT KILLED and in the usa you burn a bible and we pray for your soul...

We will all have to answer to God one day.

BTW i am sure you can buy dialup from rackspace but ISP internet service provider ... hosting is a service

Comment Wow glad America doesn't do business with India (Score 2, Funny) 166

thats really special they want to Biometric id a billion people Im sure that won't be used in anyway to reflect the cast system in india.... you know like those people with pay as you go instead of iPhones. Im so glad America doesn't do any business in India can you imagine what would happen if they had access to all of our personal information?

Comment American Kids can't write in cursive (Score 0, Troll) 508

The same thing is true in America. Kids even young adults can not write in cursive. They just had a study and the best teachers can get out of them is a mixture of printed and cursive lettering. And that study did not take into account the dropout rates.

So why are we complaining about deporting all the illegal aliens when so many kids don't graduate from high school.. They may not want to work in a hotel or swing a hammer but that is all they are fit to do. Most of them are not even fit to do that.

And no amount of money you throw at them will make a difference.

Comment People Don't Understand Equal Big Surprise (Score 0, Troll) 1268

People dont understand the Equal Sign?
Well nothing is Equal in society so why should math be any different.

We have our first black president that calls his Grandmother a Typical White Racist and Holds Beer Parties at the Whitehouse to celebrate calling cops racist THEN CALLS TEAPARTY PATRIOTS RACISTS AS THEY ARE BEATEN ON VIDEO BY SEIU UNION THUGS HE CALLS HIS FAMILY

Your wife takes the kids, your money and makes you pay for her new life then tells your kids you are abusive because you caught her sleeping with your best friend's sister.

You apply for college and every minority and women who make up 51% and even illegal aliens get preferential treatment and lower tuition then you even though you test higher and work harder.

Government set asides of 15% or more in contracts give contracts to minorities and then you get screwed because they say they are already forced to use the other guys so they can't hire you for the rest of the work.

Illegal Aliens walk across the border with 50 pounds of Heroin and your son is in Afghanistan Fighting Taleban and instructed to not burn the poppy fields.


Comment We need about 100k Google Drones on the Border (Score 1) 182

The need to put a bunch of these things on our border to catch illegal aliens.

Carve a 1 mile wide no mans land strip along the border manage it by DOD and anyone entering a limited Access DOD Area is considered a Terrorist....

It needs to stop

Comment Instead of a Baloon what about a Net to catch stuf (Score 1) 210

They want to attach a balloon to the end of a satellite to create drag to bring it in and have it burn up...

What about a net that could capture some of the crap up there as it increases drag it would sweep everything clean instead of just bringing in one satellite...

you could even inflate the tip of the net in a disk shape like the top of a balloon to expand the net open to catch stuff


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