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Comment Re:Nexus aren't satisfactory (Score 1) 180

Google itself is not doing such an awesome job with updates, see e.g. the Motorola Moto E second generation which does not even get 5.1 let alone 6!

And a microSD card is a nice feature but as long as you cannot seamlessly run apps from it, it's just a sad media store and despite having a microSD slot I could not use my old Moto E anymore just because it ran out of storage and there is nothing you can do about it if you want to stay with vanilla android.

Comment Re:Piss off (Score 1) 229

Same story here, production-halting problem and Oracle's support was completely useless, the "consultant" that was eventually sent on-site was completely useless... we decompiled it, fixed it and got things going again. We were then even nice enough to send our analysis to the support, explained the bug and added the fix - guess what, they told us we couldn't possibly know and our fix was wrong.

Three months(!) later they finally published an official patch with pretty much the exact same code. Frakk oracle.

Comment What about Excel? (Score 1) 327

If they get this drastic about Power Point then what about Excel? I have yet to see something that is NOT being managed, tracked and manipulated in an Excel file somewhere, no matter which industry or for what purpose... somebody is going to find ways to use or abuse an Excel sheet to do it! From simple table-making-layout to elaborate project plans to complicated user forms! It spreads like a plague.

Comment Here are the secrets for the curious (Score 2) 257

Phi Sigma Sigma secrets are:
Phi Sigma Sigma (PSS) secretly stands for Philanthropic Social Society. However, this is never written down or recorded (until now) because it is so "sacred". The Handshake consists of a series of motions. Member A first begins with the pointer finger and the thumb surrounding Member B's pointer finger and thumb. This is the "Phi". Then Member A wraps the remaining fingers, middle, ring and pinky around the hand as a symbol of the "Sigma". Depending on who is the senior member, the pinky finger is wrapped around the older member's hand. Next is the hand knock. It goes Knock. Pause. Knock. Pause. Knock, knock, knock. The meetings are set up usually with the President, VP and other officers sitting at the front. The President wears a yellow or gold robe and the officers wear royal blue robes. The remaining members sit across from the officers in a pyramid formation with the base closest to the officers and the apex farthest from the officers. Members are seated by class order, then by alphabetical order. The table at which the President and Vice President are seated consists of candles on each side. Two gold candles and one blue at each corner of the table. Members usually recite an oath, "We, the members of Phi Sigma Sigma, promise to keep secret and sacred all of our proceedings." The way to enter the pyramid is by using the hand knock to notify the members you are wanting to enter the room. The President will respond back with her gavel by repeating the knock. The person will enter then travel to the apex of the pyramid formation. The President will say the secret and sacred words "Remove the Veil" and then the member will respond back with the Chapter's name, example, "Zeta Eta." The Gold and King Blue symbolize "Perpetuity" and "Sincerity". At initiation, blue "veils" (tulle from the local fabric store) are placed on the heads of the potential new members and are later removed to symbolize some sort of occult transformation and that they are full-fledged members.

Comment Wish I knew exactly how! (Score 1) 190

I think there is a huge gap between people who could and would want to contribute and projects actually engaging and enabling them to. I have been using free and open source software for a long time but still have no clear idea how I could easily contribute; the few times I tried contributing to tutorials or documentation, I got a "sounds interesting, let's see it!" first and then no more replies and nothing came of it once I did send them what I had. This was a pretty big project (samba), no less, so I assumed I must have done something very wrong or broken some unspoken rule and thus stopped contributing altogether from then on.

I think open source projects would do well if they invested some effort into organizing and communicating what people can do to help, otherwise how can I know someone is not already working on a fix anyway and I just lean back?

Comment Normal breathing in the face of murder and death (Score 2) 737

From the news it sounds like they could hear the co-pilot breathing normally and calmly during the whole descent - in the face of murdering 150 people and killing yourself plus the actual pilot hammering against the door trying to get in, this suggests at least diminished empathy and remorse a.k.a. psychopathic tendencies.

Comment Leave Mac OS out of this. (Score 1) 564

Leave Mac out of this discussion. The idea of using the file extension for anything is a more recent development on the Mac and one that was mainly driven by exchanging files with (mostly) the Windows world. On old Mac OS you had "type-codes", in OS X you still have "Uniform Type Identifiers". You cannot magically hide executes the same way you can on Windows.

On top of that "even" (or rather especially) in the most recent OS X version(s), by default you could not run anything unless the program was actually signed, approved and the certificate and app hadn't been revoked.

Comment When applied correctly homeopathy is GREAT! (Score 2, Interesting) 320

When applied correctly homeopathy is GREAT for treating not-actually-existing issues plaguing patients. Essentially you are applying a placebo to a patient who is feeling "nervous" or something else rather hypochondriac and if the placebo producer did not violate production regulations you end up giving them a bit of sugar and like that you cured the non-existing with the not-healing.
Despite tongue-in-cheek I do mean this serious because there are people who DO suffer from non-existing issues, yes it is all in their head, and that's where homeopathy can help. So even homeopathy does have its uses.

The real question is whether it should be covered by a national healthcare system and I am inclined to saying absolutely not.

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