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Comment Re:Commoditizing teachers (Score 2, Insightful) 274

Wow, that'd be great. I can see it now: Student A, who has plenty of money, pays for regular "tutoring" sessions with the instructor, and thus recieves an excellent education. In contrast, student B is barely scraping by because he can't afford tutoring very often, since now that University is "free", there's no need for the government to offer financial aid, or at the very least, it can be drastically reduced, thus creating an economically stratified society the likes of which hasn't been seen since pre-englightenment Europe. Wow, where do I sign up? Just curious though, if the students aren't paying tuition any more, who is paying the professors to record lectures? I guess we could just hire a professor to record the lecture once, and then replay it for the next 20 years or so, kinda like a textbook. Awe hell, I've got it, let's just pay voice actors to read the text book out loud, and then distribute that to students, and call it a college education. Of course, with zero student contact outside of paid tutoring sessions, it might be hard for the instructor to maintain any semblance of objectivity when it comes time to grade all the essay papers at the end of the semester. I mean, are you really going to fail your meal ticket when there is a direct correlation between how often they show up and how much you make? And then there's the issue of who's going to pay the instructor to do all the administrative work, i.e. grading. If the sum of all the knowledge you gained in college could be replicated by a couple books on tape and a tutor, you got fleeced.

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