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Submission + - What iOS 6 Will Mean for the iPhone '5' (ibtimes.com)

Hkibtimes writes: The new iPhone is not being unveiled at WWDC 2012 as some Apple enthusiasts had hoped, but the iOS 6 announcement gives us plenty of clues to what we can expect in the fall: Calls, Maps, Siri, Share Photos with iCloud, Passbook, FaceTime, Accessibility, and Mail.

Submission + - Anonymous China: Hundreds of Beijing's Government Websites Defaced (ibtimes.com) 1

Hkibtimes writes: The Anonymous hacking collective has landed in China, home of some of the most tightly controlled internet access in the world, and defaced hundreds of government websites in what appears to be a massive online operation against Beijing.

Anonymous listed its intended institutional targets on Pastebin and has now attacked them.

Submission + - 20 Incredible Sketches From OMG POP's 'Draw Something' (ibtimes.com)

Hkibtimes writes: Draw Something's story of success has warmed the hearts of millions over the last few weeks. Ever since the game's maker, OMG POP, was acquired by Zynga, people around the country have been citing the company's quick rise to becoming a cultural phenomenon as a modern day Cinderella story.

Draw Something is, in essence, an incredibly simple game. It plays out a lot like a game of Charades, but rather than miming, participants required to draw the object or idea that they're dealt. You can play the game online at the game's homepage or, as a large majority of users are doing, play from your smartphone.

The game is extremely fun for those that enjoy doodling, but for those who understand layering, depth perception and other high-level art-school techniques, the game is a playground for elaborate paintings and sketches. In the wake of the recent success that Draw Something has experience, we've scoured the web for the best doodles, drawings, sketches and paintings that ever appeared on Draw Something.


Submission + - Brown Recluse Spider Bite Nearly Blinds Texas Student Nikki Perez (ibtimes.com)

Hkibtimes writes: Nikki Perez was waiting to catch a flight at the Amarillo Airport in Texas when North America's deadliest spider, the brown recluse, sunk its venomous fangs into the back of her neck. Over the next few days the her face swelled up to nearly twice its size, shutting one of her eyes, and her right ear began to rot off.

Submission + - FBI Tries to Force Google to Unlock User's Android Phone (threatpost.com)

Trailrunner7 writes: Those multi-gesture passcode locks on Android phones that give users (and their spouses) fits apparently present quite a challenge for the FBI as well. Frustrated by a swipe passcode on the seized phone of an alleged gang leader, FBI officials have requested a search warrant that would force Google to "provide law enforcement with any and all means of gaining access, including login and password information, password reset, and/or manufacturer default code ("PUK"), in order to obtain the complete contents of the memory of cellular telephone".

The request is part of a case involving an alleged gang leader and human trafficker named Dante Dears in California. Dears served several years in prison for his role in founding a gang in California called PhD, and upon his release he went back to his activities with the gang, according to the FBI's affidavit.


Submission + - iOS 5.1 versus Ice Cream Sandwich: Which is the Better OS? (ibtimes.com)

Hkibtimes writes: The two top players in the smartphone wars are going head-to-head for the hearts and minds of consumers with the newest versions of Android and iOS – Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and iOS 5.1.Android 4.0, commonly known as Ice Cream Sandwich, or ICS for short, has been out since Oct 2011. Many might not have realized this, since the OS hasn’t found its way on many devices as of yet. Meanwhile, on Wednesday 7, 2012, Apple showcased and released iOS 5.1 to all who are able to accept it, paving the way for some serious competition.Here’s a quick comparison between the two OSes.

Submission + - Two Strong Solar Flares Heading Towards Earth. (ibtimes.com)

Hkibtimes writes: Two strong solar flares are heading towards earth. They will reach earth on 8 March at about 1:25 AM EST. These solar flares are so powerful they can disrupt power grids, satellites, high frequency radio communication and the global positioning system.

Submission + - Bioethanol caused 2011 famines (necsi.edu)

tp1024 writes: "The New England Complex Systems Institute published a quantitative, predictive model of food prices based on the conversion of grains to ethanol, that can tear apart the effect of speculation (dominant in the 2008 food crisis) and lack of supply. Turning food into fuel reduces supply. While it has long been argued that it was a neglible effect or that speculators are to blame, the evidence has now shifted."

Submission + - Chats, Car Crushes and Cut 'N Paste Sowed Seeds Of LulzSec's Demise (threatpost.com) 1

chicksdaddy writes: "The seeds of LulzSec's downfall were sown long before the FBI and Scotland Yard went knocking on doors this week. In fact, the group owes its current legal problems to a series of small, internal skirmishes, unforced errors and unlikely clues that created a virtual trail to its leaders, a Threatpost investigation found.

Bad blood within the ranks of Anonymous coupled with a series of small errors provided the clues that led a little known firm, Backtrace security and, eventually, the FBI to the door of Hector Xavier Montsegur, the 28 year-old man now known as "Sabu," a principal actor in LulzSecurity. Montsegur eventually turned government witness in a case that has netted some of that group's foremost members."

Submission + - Ask Slashdot - The legality of licensing extorsion? 1

firegate writes: We've come to rely on a piece of specialty software that costs $7000 per license, with a 10-year expiration on each license. The software checks licensing at startup against an online activation server, and each copy has a $750 annual maintenance agreement to cover updates and support. With support generally unable to solve issues and no product updates in ages, we chose to let the maintenance agreement lapse. A couple of months later, one copy of the software displayed a licensing conflict at startup. The software vendor refused to correct the issue, which was on their end with the licensing server, until we agreed to pay out the annual maintenance fee — despite the fact that we are only one year into the 10-year license window. Are their actions legal, and is there any recourse in situations where software vendors hold licenses hostage in this manner?

Submission + - Web Sites Shine Light on Petty Bribery Worldwide (nytimes.com) 1

NotSanguine writes: The cost of claiming a legitimate income tax refund in Hyderabad, India? 10,000 rupees.
The going rate to get a child who has already passed the entrance requirements into high school in Nairobi, Kenya? 20,000 shillings.
The expense of obtaining a driver’s license after having passed the test in Karachi, Pakistan? 3,000 rupees.
Such is the price of what Swati Ramanathan calls “retail corruption,” the sort of nickel-and-dime bribery, as opposed to large-scale graft, that infects everyday life in so many parts of the world.

Ms. Ramanathan and her husband, Ramesh, along with Sridar Iyengar, set out to change all that in August 2010 when they started ipaidabribe.com, a site that collects anonymous reports of bribes paid, bribes requested but not paid and requests that were expected but not forthcoming.


Submission + - The Privacy Richter Scale 1

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Jay Cline writes that not all privacy issues are created equal and proposes a privacy Richter scale to rank the bad things that could happen to our privacy. A privacy Richter 1 or 2 event is a temporary bad turn for you or a handful of people, but nothing systemic, posing no lasting harm to individuals or society as a whole. Examples include receiving someone else's mail, having someone expose something embarrassing about you to co-workers or friends, or losing your wallet or purse. Privacy events measuring 4 to 7 on the scale are risks that can cause real and lasting damage to a lot of people and include stolen laptops containing thousands of Social Security numbers and credit-card numbers that would allow identity thieves to make fraudulent transactions that could impact credit scores for years. Finally events topping 8 are points of no return for large numbers of people and society as a whole. DARPA's Total Information Awareness program, proposed in 2002 and defunded by Congress in 2003, would have topped the scale. "The massive collection of data about U.S. citizens could have created a perpetual bureaucracy that put at risk our right of due process and protection against unlawful search and seizure." So where does Google's plan to consolidate its 60 privacy policies into a single approach rank? "The current change ranks at a 3," writes Cline. "Larry Page's company will weather this change. I don't see irreparable or lasting harm or loss of liberty. If you don't like Google, use Bing. Don't watch weird things on YouTube. You shouldn't be sending confidential things through Gmail in the first place.""

Submission + - Electric Cars Could Fill Up at the MetILs Pump (gizmag.com)

Zothecula writes: A flow battery is a rechargeable fuel cell that pumps a solution of charged metals dissolved in an electrolyte through a membrane to convert chemical energy into electricity. Flow batteries can be rapidly "recharged" by replacing the electrolyte liquid while simultaneously recovering the spent material for external recharging. Researchers at the U.S. Department of Defense's Sandia National Laboratories have discovered a new family of metal-based liquid salt electrolytes, for use in just such flow batteries. The electrochemically reversible Metal-based Ionic Liquids (MetILs) could lead to batteries packed with 3-10 times the energy density of other available storage technologies.

Submission + - Wine 1.4 Released (winehq.org)

vinn writes: Wine 1.4 was released today and includes support for a wide range of applications, including Office 2010. There are some major architectural changes, including a built-in DIB engine for better graphics display and a new audio stack designed around the newer Vista / Win 7 system and integrated into the native audio system. Almost every other subsystem received substantial updates, including Direct3D, the Gecko-based web browsing components, and better internationalization. The release notes contain more detail and you can download the source code now, or wait for packages to appear soon.

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