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Comment No, they couldn't (Score 1) 321

I disagree with the premise of the question. It seems the poster is asking for a tablet, in which case Microsoft, Apple, and Google all have entrants in the field. It sounds like the poster wants a device that is Kindle priced (the Kindle Paperwhite is $90) but with the power of a tablet. I think the reason no one has already made such a device is because they can't make money doing it. It isn't an opportunity.

Submission + - DOS Attack Brings Down U.S. Federal Courts (

Hjalmar writes: On Friday the U.S. Federal Courts' web sites were attacked in a denial of service attack. Users were unable to access the courts' web sites, the document filing (CM/ECF) and case information systems (PACER). The U.S. Supreme Court was unaffected.

Comment Make a space for a competent librarian (Score 3, Insightful) 231

Speaking as a librarian, the single best thing you can do is budget for a librarian after you recreate the library as an technology explorer and innovation space, or whatever it is you have in mind.

You can stuff the room full of computers, but if there isn't someone there with the special expertise in dealing with this user population, all that will happen is the space will be wasted.

Comment Re:battery? Phone talking? (Score 1) 196

I'm with you. If anything watches are dying out, except as a piece of jewelry. I don't see watches as a product category ripe for massive technological innovation, especially when the trend in "smart" devices (like phones) seems to be toward LARGER screens, not smaller.

Comment Re:Malicious or clueless? (Score 1) 239

I have had this happen. Eventually I was able to gather enough information about the person to contact them in real life. Nothing will freak out a person more than to be told by someone "stop using my email". Especially if you also prove that you know their home address, phone number, names of personal friends, etc.

Comment Happened to me (Score 2) 239

I started getting multiple "you have reached the maximum number of login attempts" from my bank. I changed the account name, and it ended.

Create a new email address, and switch iTunes over to that account. Keep in mind that when hackers got into Mat Honan's life, they did it by exploiting weaknesses in Apple and Google's authentication schemes. Neither weakness was enough on its own, but when combined hackers were able to get full access.

It's annoying, but be a little proactive and you'll be fine.

Comment Non technical is the way to go (Score 0) 884

I think you need to stop trying for a technical solution. Ultimately, if you keep putting up roadblocks (and it sounds like you've tried) all you're going to do is make your network more attractive because it will be a challenge.

If you can figure out the house where the person is doing it, you should confront them, in person. Be polite, but be firm - tell them to stop using your connection. If they continue, then file a complaint with the police, but don't expect them to do anything about it. At that point, you're just making sure that if someone does come to your door accusing you of piracy, you can say "it isn't me, and I told the police about the problem."

Alternately, you could take a neighborhood watch approach. Distribute flyers indicating the someone in the neighborhood is borrowing wifi, and that you and your neighbors need to be vigilant. It may shame your borrower into cleaning up his act.

Comment It's the ecosystem (Score 1) 191

Gaben's looking at trends. He isn't a cable TV operator, or NetFlix, and outside of those two groups the largest provider of Internet video on demand is Apple, by a very wide margin - almost more than Amazon, Vudu, and Zune combined. It is a small part of overall VOD pie (pay-TV operators have 72% of the revenue share), but it's a growing share.

At least, that's what NPD says. They don't compare Netflix to iTunes directly, which I would find interesting, but I don't think Gaben sees Netflix as a direct competitor - they're not providing a platform. Not yet, anyway.

Comment No. (Score 2) 418

If you like what you do (i.e. develop in .Net), getting up to speed isn't that hard. The differences between .Net 2.0 and 4.0 aren't all that great. If you're worried that doing it on your own won't be enough, take a class. There are tons.

But your tone suggests that really the problem is you don't want to make the effort. I understand that. I'm 43, and often when confronted with the need to learn some new technology, I feel loathing rather than excitement. If that's your problem, then maybe it is time to switch careers. Congratulations on deciding you're not a good manager. Now find something else.

Comment Documentation (Score 3, Informative) 151

Yes, set up a test environment. And implement some kind of versioning system, even if it's just "cp current_code old_code". You should always be able to fall back if you have a botched deployment.

But one of the best things you can do is to start writing documentation. I like to write my documentation assuming it will be my replacement reading it, and so I try to include everything. Justify every unusual implementation detail, explain why each task was down the way it was. List bugs, and any code you had to write to work around it. The best part of documenting your project will be that as you work through it, you'll find things that no longer make sense and make them better.

Comment I Went with a GX1 (Score 2) 402

I spent a lot of time looking into this, and went with the new Lumix GX1. For several years I've had a small point and shoot, and found that I simply didn't want the bulk of an SLR. Smaller camera bodies and smaller lenses was the big selling point, especially now that the Micro Four Thirds cameras generally have the same picture quality as entry-level SLRs. For me it came down to the Lumix G3 and the GX1; I decided I didn't need a viewfinder and tilt-and-swivel screen, and so went with the GX1. I used to be a big SLR fan when I took pictures with film, but I find now that I have to wear glasses having a viewfinder is a nuisance.

Comment Have fun with it (Score 1) 619

I used to track down the people who were using my address and set them right. I took a certain delight in contacting people and saying "You don't know me, but you're using my email address and you should stop." In fact, I have an amusing story about it.

Years ago, my home email address was [my first name]@[big isp].net. This was around 10 years ago, and fairly often someone with the same first name as me would sign up and merrily start handing out my email address.

One day I logged in and check my email, and find several email messages clearly meant for someone else. Included in the messages were receipts from online shops, which included the other man's home address, though not his phone number. At first I wasn't going to do anything about it, but then I found a message from a gentleman that this other person had met at a gay bar.

I didn't mind that someone was giving my email address to various vendors online, but now it was a little more personal, so I took action.

Having the person's street address, I tried the phone directory, but found that his home number was unlisted. So I called a friend of mine who worked at a law firm, and asked them if they could do any searches on scary privacy-invading databases and get the man's home phone number. My friend couldn't promise anything, saying "unlisted phone numbers can be pretty hard to get".

A couple hours later my friend called me back. "His number is unlisted, and I couldn't get it. But his wife's number was pretty easy to find."

I called the number and left a message "This message is for [first name]; you've been using my email address, and given the sensitive nature of the email messages I've been getting, you probably don't want to do that."

The misdirected emails stopped immediately.

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