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Submission + - Apple "under-reported" scale of iPhone Antennagate ( 1

Barence writes: The number of customers affected by iPhone 4's antenna issues is likely to be far higher than Apple reported, industry insiders have told PC Pro. Apple CEO Steve Jobs stated that only 0.55% of iPhone 4 customers had contacted the company's support desk to complain about reception issue, in last week's press conference. However, that represents only a tiny fraction of the customers affected by the issue, according to WDS Global, a company that provides customer support desks for several leading phone networks and handset manufacturers. "If you look at the mobile industry as whole, only about 20-30% of consumers will ever actually phone their carrier or handset manufacturer to report a fault," WDS Global's Tim Deluca-Smith told PC Pro, with most people visiting online forums or asking friends and family to solve issues.
"Saying that everybody who had a problem would have phoned AppleCare is not a true representation of the issue."


Submission + - World of Warcraft Can Boost Your Career

Hugh Pickens writes: "Forbes reports that although videogames have long been thought of as distractions to work and education rather than aids, there is a growing school of thought that says game-playing in moderation, and in your free time, can make you more successful in your career. "We're finding that the younger people coming into the teams who have had experience playing online games are the highest-level performers because they are constantly motivated to seek out the next challenge and grab on to performance metrics," says John Hagel III, co-chairman of a tech-oriented strategy center for Deloitte. Elliot Noss, chief executive of domain name provider Tucows, spends six to seven hours a week playing online games and believes "World of Warcraft" trains him to become a better leader. "'You have these events [in "World of Warcraft"] that are very leadership-driven," Noss says. "For example, when you're in a raid that's poorly led, it's really easy to see how valuable are skills like managing the social dynamic, making sure there was the right level of preparation and making sure that there was a clear hierarchy in terms of who is performing what roles." Noss does a regular lunchtime series called "Tucows Lore" where he plays the company poet, telling tales of Tucows over the years--its heroes, villains, battles with large telecommunications companies or the early days of the domain registration market. "The feedback is fantastic. It helps people feel they are part of something bigger.""

Submission + - Inside the Black Energy 2 Botnet (

Trailrunner7 writes: Threatpost has an interesting column that provides a detailed analysis of the notorious Black Energy 2 botnet, which has been wreaking havoc with DDoS attacks, spam operations and playing a part in web redirects and malware campaigns. "The bot has several main functions: it hides the malware code from antivirus products, infects system processes and, finally, offers flexible options for conducting a range of malicious activities on an infected computer when commands are received from the botnet command-and-control (C&C) center. Each task is performed by a different component of the malicious program.

Initially, the Black Energy bot was created with the aim of conducting DDoS attacks, but with the implementation of plugins in the bot’s second version, the potential of this malware family has become virtually unlimited. (However, so far cybercriminals have mostly used it as a DDoS tool). Plugins can be installed, e.g. to send spam, grab user credentials, set up a proxy server etc. The upd command can be used to update the bot, e.g. with a version that has been encrypted using a different encryption method. Regular updates make it possible for the bot to evade a number of antivirus products, any of which might be installed on the infected computer, for a long time.

This malicious tool has high potential, which naturally makes it quite a threat. Luckily, since there are no publicly available constructors online which can be used online to build Black Energy 2 bots, there are fewer variants of this malware than say, ZeuS or the first version of Black Energy. However, the data we have shows that cybercriminals have already used Black Energy 2 to construct large botnets, and these have already been involved in successful DDoS attacks.


Submission + - Scientists Discover Biggest Star

Hugh Pickens writes: "The Telegraph reports that scientists at the University of Sheffield have discovered the most massive stellar giant, R136a1 measured at 265 solar masses, using the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in Chile and data from the Hubble Space Telescope, in the Tarantula Nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small 'satellite' galaxy which orbits the Milky Way. Previously, the heaviest known stars were around 150 times the mass of the Sun, known as the "Eddington Limit", and this was believed to be close to the cosmic size limit because as stars get larger, the amount of energy created in their cores grows, faster than the force of gravity which holds them together. "Because of their proximity to the Eddington Limit they lose mass at a pretty high rate," says Professor Paul Crowther, the chief researcher in the Sheffield team. Hyper-stars like R136a1 are believed to be formed from several young stars merging together, and are only found in the very heart of stellar clusters. R136a1 is believed to have a surface temperature of more than 40,000 degrees Celsius, and is 10 million times brighter than the Sun. Crowther adds that R136a1 is about as big as stars can get. "Owing to the rarity of these monsters, I think it is unlikely that this new record will be broken any time soon.""

Comment Exploit rewards are a joke (Score 1) 394

I could have gone into security but whats the point? Working for the government is not an ideal job (see posts about offices like caves and inane security clearance requirements). If you lucky enough to have gotten a job in the security industry instead of the gov't things tend to go like this: Any new exploit you find will either be (a) swept under a rug by the vendor, (b) accepted as an exploit but never patched, or (c) get the researcher sued by the vendor. If by some small chance you end up finding an exploit for a vendor that actually pays for such knowledge, the average is about $500 per exploit I believe. Not really worth a month of my time no matter how you look at it. If we want a security industry, we have to foster a security industry, not try and hide the fact that we need one (as most companies do now).

Submission + - Wicked Laser Increasing price by 1.5x on S3 Arctic 1

whitedsepdivine writes: It looks like Wicked Lasers are down grading their product by removing the smartswitch. Also it looks like they will be increasing their price by 1.5x the original cost.

E-mail Sent from Wicked Lasers:

Dear Valued Customer,

The S3 Arctic will no longer be offered at the introductory pricing
of $197.97 effective on or before midnight July 23rd PST. The new
price will be $299.95. The increase has been carefully thought
through and it is only being taken to ensure continued quality. To
meet the high immediate demand we must step up our efforts and
budgets in dealing with expanded customer service and delivery

The shipping status of the S3 Arctic is as follows:

G1 (w/ smartswitch) is in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours
of purchasing, guaranteed.

G2 (w/o smartswitch) is not in stock and will be in stock in
approximately one week.

Wicked Lasers will begin shipping Arctic G1 lasers to customers
who email us and request this model in place of the G2 edition.
While we suggest customers wait for the improved G2 edition with
additional safety features, we recognize that some customers may
require their lasers immediately.

Customers who do not request the G1 edition will automatically receive the G2 edition
as soon as it is in stock.

We thank all our customers for supporting us and your patience.
We look forward to dealing with you again!
Best Regards,

Steve Liu
Wicked Lasers
PC Games (Games)

JavaScript/HTML 5 Gaming? 201

cjcela writes "Lately I've seen some HTML 5/JavaScript games popping up on the web. Most of them lack sound, and are not polished, but little by little this is changing. As an example, check Galactic Plunder. While it is only a single-level proof of concept, it is one of the first arcade non-Flash games that I've found playable. Do you know of other comparable or better pure JavaScript games?"

Comment Re:Much easier to catch (Score 1) 694

But on the other hand if you restructure the code using different abstraction points (printf outside of the function call instead of inside of it, and looped outside instead of using recursion in the function for example) then this method will bet by most if not all code checkers. This also implies a level of knowledge of the program that is above that required to change comments and spacing. If I can't figure something out, I'll go find a solution, then understand the solution, then rewrite it. This could be considered plagiarism but in the end I still learned what was needed, where is the line drawn really?

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