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Comment Re:Thanks (Score 1) 459

Jesus. The Micropologists seem to have gotten a lot of mod points today. I've been seeing a bunch of legitimate true posts modded down as troll or flamebait. Developing for IE6 *is* a royal pain in the ass, and IE's never been good even in its latest incarnation.

Deal with it, Micropologists.

Comment Re:Exactly the wrong thing to do (Score 1) 184

Uh, actually by the time RMS got started (1983) computers were well into the consumer point of view thanks to companies like MITS, Apple, IBM, and Microsoft. Apple was a year away from releasing its magnum opus, the Macintosh (Not their first GUI-based machine.), and IBM as already deep into selling its best seller, the IBM PC, which was knee-deep in MS-DOS. Another two years woulsd see the Mac become a huge hit and Windows' first release. RMS, at the time, was still diddling around with pre-Alpha/Alpha versions of the GNU toolchain.

RMS didn't foresee anything.

Comment Re:Exactly the wrong thing to do (Score 2, Insightful) 184

You're assuming Stallmanists actually think. If they did they'd see through about 90% of the propaganda Stallman cranks out these days.

I support free software, but only so far as its actually practical. Like, I won't use GNash since it is not as good as Flash, and I want actual 3D acceleration, etc. I won't declare software evil purely because its proprietary but based off of the actual character of the software makers. RMS would rather we just blindly hate on all proprietary software. If I did that I'd use crippled disributions like gNewSense.

The problem I see with Stallman is he overly politicizes software. I think it should be more treated like a PERSONAL PREFERENCE then a POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY. I like open source because I *have* noticed a significant quality and, yes, fun aspect of FOSS. Maybe it's because I'm a tech-savvy programmer. But I have noticed a couple cases where the open source alternative doesn't really work all that well or doesn't offer what I really want. Then I go proprietary.

I use the "nvidia" driver, Flash 10... not nv (Which only supports 2D on nVidia cards... barely. Since I like eye candy this driver is not used at all by me if I can help it.) or Nouveau (I admit I know little about this driver or what its features are. I *do* know it's not up to the proprietary driver's level.). Too bad KWin in KDE 4.3 doesn't have alpha blurring anymore.

I know people will say GIMP/OpenOffice are not as good as Photoshop/Office. Personally, I think GIMP is quite good. Maybe not as good as PS, but the difference between GIMP and PS is hundreds of dollars and professional features I don't give a shit about. I personally think that, with a little refining, Go-OpenOffice (The Novell Fork of OO.) can easily beat or at least match MS Office. It certainly fills my limited needs, at least.

My "software philosophy" is "forget politics or what is moral in theory, use what works well for you," I honestly don't see any real MORAL issue as an end-user whether or not I use proprietary software or not.

In fact, I would not be honest if I said I don't believe there isn't evil open source software, either. I personally don't trust Mono, for example, because of the companies backing it.

Comment Re:Time Bandits (Score 1) 184

I agree with you for the most part. It had a time of relevancy, but now it's annoying to hear the Next Evil Thing denounced by His Royal Leader of Free Software Richard Stallman, who probably hasn't written a line of code in decades.

Comment Re:the whole reason d'atre of The CodePlex Foundat (Score 1) 137

There's no GNU code in the operating system layer. ITS ALL USERSPACE. You didn't name a single fucking thing that runs in kernel mode. It's all Linux drivers and modules and the kernel itself. The operating system layer is ONLY that which runs in kernel mode that manages or helps manage processes, hardware, and resources. NO GNU SOFTWARE USED IN A LINUX DISTRIBUTION FITS THIS CRITERIA! The operating system inherits the name of the kernel, not the userspace tools that sit in the operating environment layer on top of it. It's Linux, not GNU.

And the name of the distribution itself is whatever the hell the person or group who actually assembled the distribution wants it to be called. It's Ubuntu, not GNU.

GNU is just userspace tools in Linux. And you can say it runs the ENTIRE userspace all you want it's still "Linux" or "Ubuntu" just as it is "NT" or "Windows Vista."

And you're going off the obsolete definition of operating system RMS loves to go by when he calls it GNU/Linux.

Having the most lines of code does not an operating system make. Because I could name things that take even more lines of code in a Linux distro than GNU (Xorg, for example.). This was one of RMS' most broken metrics of how "critical" something is to Linux.

Comment Re:the whole reason d'atre of The CodePlex Foundat (Score 1) 137

They're not what defines the operating system. They're not drivers, they're not modules, and they're not the kernel. Ubuntu's not an OS, it's a system distribution, and it's not "derived" from GNU since there was never a GNU distribution. They're important, yes, but not important enough to call a Linux distribution a GNU distribution. It's Stallman taking credit where credit isn't due.

Comment Re:the whole reason d'atre of The CodePlex Foundat (Score 3, Insightful) 137

GNU is just a toolchain. An IMPORTANT toolchain, but a tollchain nonetheless. You don't name your OS or your system distribution after the toolchain, no matter how badly RMS tries to rationalize it.

The operating system layer itself is Linux. Period. Unless there's actual GNU modules or drivers alongside the Linux kernel in kernel-space I don't know about.

And the name of the system distribution is whatever the fuck the maker wants to call it: Ubuntu, RHEL, SuSE, since it's THEIR creation by way of assembling the parts themselves into a distribution.

Stallman wants us to think that by having the GNU toolchain the entire system magically becomes GNU.

It's Linux. It is not GNU/Linux.

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