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Submission + - GoboLinux 016 released, featuring its own filesystem virtualization tool

paranoidd writes: GoboLinux announced today the availability of a new major release. What's special about it is that it comes together with a container-free filesystem virtualization that's kind of unique thanks to the way that installed programs are arranged by the distro. Rather than having to create full-fledged containers simply to get around conflicting libraries, a lightweight solution simply plays with overlays to create dynamic filesystem views for each process that wants them. Even more interesting, the whole concept also enables 32-bit and 64-bit programs to coexist with no need for a lib64 directory (as implemented by mostly all bi-arch distributions out there). The announcement page brings some more interesting pieces of work coming from the 15-years old project.

Submission + - htop 2.0 released, runs natively on BSDs and Mac OSX

An anonymous reader writes: The popular Linux process viewer htop got a new major revision, and now runs natively on FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Mac OS X. The author discussed the process of making the tool cross-platform earlier this year at FOSDEM. It also got some new features, such as mouse wheel support via ncurses 6 and listing process environment variables.

Submission + - A fundraiser to "unfork" htop on the Mac (

An anonymous reader writes: It's usual to see initiatives to fork an open source project, but here's one that goes the other way around. After years getting bug reports from Mac users who were using a fork based on a 5-year old codebase, the original author of htop, the interactive process viewer for Linux, decided to try to take matters with his own hands. He started a fundraiser so he can work on a proper port himself. The original port has been done by stripping away all Linux code and replacing with Mac code — and this way it hasn't kept up with features and bugfixes. The plan of the fundraiser is to add a proper OS-abstraction layer and write Linux and Mac backends, so that htop can finally stop crashing on the Mac.

Comment Re:Wake up and smell the stock market people... (Score 1) 359

You are merely being compensated for your expenditure of time and energy, not gouging someone.

I see your point (and I agree with Sloppy's point above) but, to nitpick, compensation of time and energy is gross profit (which even not-for-profit companies have to have, in order to remain operational, unless they're funded by a third party). The grandparent post was explicitly talking about net profit, which is what remains after all costs are compensated.

Comment Please mod parent back up! (Score 1) 359

How did people mod this down as troll? The parent expressed a valid opinion. It may be diametrically opposed to your core values, or even the core values your country is based on, but it's a valid, clearly-stated opinion. Don't use "Troll" as a synonym for "Disagree".

Come on people, we're no Thought Police here.

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