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Journal Journal: He Knows When You've Been Sleeping

Particpating in a project to overhaul and add hard drive based recording to every camera in the cities LRT system. Going to be a long few months.
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Journal Journal: Crap

Work is slow. The internet needs new batteries. I feel poopy. Yeah, that's it.
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Journal Journal: Ugh

Well, almost two weeks in my Home Province of Saskatchewan and the very year I decide "what the hell, I'll vacation in Setp", it's the coldest and wettest Sept I've personally ever seen. Dammit. Flying back to Edmonton on the 9, and it's not any better there. Apparently it snowed. I'm booking July of 2005 when I get back to work on Monday.
The Internet

Journal Journal: Cool

I'm in a Super 8 in Grande Prarie, and they have high speed internet in the suites. And it's damn snappy, and that makes me happy. It allowed me to use my moderator points for one thing.

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