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Comment Re:It's what some GG people SAY it's about (Score 1) 474

Repeating the lie does not make it true. The "positive press" is non-existent. As as per the standard already set, you are disturbingly knowledgeable about a specific incident that in the grand scheme of things amount to absolutely nothing. Even if it was true that Quinn got "positive press" for sexual favours (it isn't, not even remotely), she got positive press for a game that is little more than an HTML script, has no advertising budget to speak of and will never, ever make anyone a comfortable living, much less rich. Zoe Quinn's sex life is no one's business. That her jilted lover made it a topic of conversation is the actual scandal, not that people have sex and break hearts in the process. The claims made by GamerGate types that even the jilted lover had to clarify he did not make are simply in no uncertain terms false. That the overwhelming majority of the targets of self identifying GamerGate types are women who in almost all cases are absolutely and utterly irrelevant with regards to "ethics in gaming journalism" is the tell here, and everyone is aware of the lie except aforementioned GamerGate types.

Comment Re: THIS is the kind of thing that GamerGate is a (Score 1) 474

the fact that Zoe Quinn is scum either way- it's Zoe's own actions that have created that reality and no one elses.

Except for the fact that, you know, this wasn't anyone's actual business until a jilted lover spilled his guts in a public display of broken heartedness. But sure, she's entirely responsible.

Comment Re:January 29, 2013. The day /. officially died. (Score 2) 501

Shut up for Odin's sake. If we had a nickel for every moron that believed every mundane news article about Company A meant subby was in the pocket of Company A, we could package all you twits up in a rocket and shoot you to the Moon. Apple is the biggest deal in tech right now. Does that offend you? Move to Botswana.

Comment Please Stop (Score 0) 333

Wozniak had his ay in the sun. His accomplishments are a matter of the historical record of computing. But let's stop pretending Woz has any particularly useful insight into today's Apple. Woz has not had a hand in aching remotely to with Apple in over 30 years. He's good for quote, which is in turn good or hits, but the way the tech press continues to hang on his every word regarding Apple has more to do with a web based traffic model than anything he says being particularly insightful.

Comment Re:APPLE STILL MAKES 90% OF SMARTPHONE CASH !! (Score 1) 601

Let me explain this to you so it's easy to grasp. You make a thing, you set a price that allows you to recoup costs and make a product, and you put it on the market. Your thing either sells or it doesn't. If it doesn't sell, you either change the product, change your price, or kill it. If your thing sells at the price you set, you make money and stay in business. If your thing sells well, or sells at a rate that makes it difficult for you to fill demand, FOR A FACT, your device is not overpriced. Feel free to proceed to reference Apple's VooDoo marketing and brainwashed Apple zealots or whatever other standard tropes you employ to allow you to refuse to accept that Apple is really good at this "capitalism" thing.

Comment Re:Suck it! (Score -1) 601

Suck on what? The low end Android little-better-than-feature phones that will be swelling the landfills, or the inability of this market share to translate into a meaningful profit for anyone but the Apple copycat Samsung? Help us out here. Because if anyone out there think Android's market share success is analogous to Microsoft's Windows market share, you are sadly mistaken.

Comment Every Last One... (Score 1) 282

...of these insipid "real work" claims about the requirement for a file browser to do said "work" is sounding more and more like the tech boors who pretended DOS was more efficient than the GUI, and that GUIs made computers "toys". It was ridiculous then, it's new counterpart is ridiculous now. Even moreso in the next few years.

Comment Buh? (Score 1) 269

Who looks at a market where an incumbent is decimating the competition and thinks "this is the perfect point for us to throw our hat in the ring"? Android was supposed have buried the iPad by spring of this year. The Touchpad was evidence that Apple would soon be elevated to niche status. And yet here we are...

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