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Comment The Reason for Removal Is Simple (Score 1) 917

And not even related to censorship or how destructive or bigotted the app is (both of which it is).

The app is essentially a fraud, promising a "service" that is impossible to deliver, which would be plenty of reason to remove it I think.

Of course it was removed on other grounds that maybe should have had less impact, but yeah.

Comment Well this is a huge surprise... (Score 1) 609

So maybe I'm a bit late to the party, but most people don't seem to want to pay for a decent wage for graduates or experienced people.

I don't know how many people post ads for junior IT people with AS/400 experience when the last of those systems was produced ten years ago; or that they want junior people with reams of specialized technical certifications costing thousands of dollars -as well as- a diploma from a college or university and then only pay what a phone monkey makes.

IT departments have been cheapened and hollowed out and as someone who's actively looking for another position I can tell you that the people replacing those that have left need constant hand-holding. Our place alone hired an indian kid who couldn't follow a dialogue to update Flash to display a website and a former university lecturer from the carribean that didn't know how to reset a tripped circuit breaker.

But what do you expect when you pay peanuts and only offer part-time work, eh?

Comment Re:we need more tech / trade IT schools they can h (Score 1) 609

I can do that!

No, seriously, I can. That's the majority of what my (useless) college degree taught me, and then when I got out everyone wanted web programmers and I was SOL so I got into IT... which has done just about as well. Maybe you just had bad luck with your particular colleges?

Comment Oh China... (Score 1) 1049

"'...and most are manufactured overseas in places like China,' says Enzi."

Oh what an excuse. Maybe if you hadn't given manufacturers tax cuts to ship manufacturing jobs overseas you might be making the new CFL bulbs domestically. And everything else for that matter. I also just checked the last batch of incandescent bulbs in our house; guess what, they were also made in China.

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