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Comment Re:And that, kids, is what economists call... (Score 1) 149

Unfortunately man they will do the opposite: Raise SMS service prices or remove unlimited SMS service altogether.

See, this is precisely why they took away unlimited data service, because of apps like MyWi and other things. I will be the first to say that I have used it in the past, but that's a more reasonable thing. I totally agree that this is one of the worst hacks I've read about this year.

It's my official stance that people need to stop trying to circumvent paying for stuff. If you don't like a service or think it's too expensive, no one is forcing you to use it. And yes, I saw an article about something where someone said that's not a fair argument because it's something like Facebook.

Seriously, people need to get a grip on reality. Get off of Facebook and f$$kin LIVE. There is a whole world out there, just waiting...

Case in point: If all outraged Netflix subscribers cancelled their plans COMPLETELY because of the price hike, Netflix would have two options: find another way to make the money they need, or go out of business.

Ultimately the consumer has all the power, but they're too busy "consuming" to wield it.

Comment this guy is an idiot (Score 0) 849

The fact that he's a so-called security expert REALLY scares me.

I hate it when products/software don't mask passwords. like the Wii. Type in your credit card number or wi-fi password so everyone looking through your window or over your shoulder can see it SWEET.

This guy must be related to the guys who allow web developers to develop web apps that send you your password to you in plain text through e-mail when you sign up, or worse, once a month in a newsletter.

Comment computers slow down and freeze and crash? (Score 1) 445


This is why I severely dislike the current technique used by the majority of people to explain technical things to lay people.

It's the same goofy shit that made masses of people think of computer cases as hard drives and actual hard drives as memory. Or worse, they think the case is the CPU.

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