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Comment Re:I said "No, I won't put that code in." (Score 1) 569

That might work in the US but you certainly CAN'T fire someone in the EU "just like that" ! There's an entire disciplinary procedure you HAVE to go through that involves "intermediates" (Workers Representatives). As I said on "The Reg"... /Tinfoil Hat time Makes you wonder if the former ousted CEO of VW didn't drop a sneaky heads up to the relevant testing authority as a "Kiss my Hairy Arse" payback ?

Comment Stalags (Score 1) 2987

I can see the US making their schools similar to how UK schools are now after Dunblane. They all now bare a remarkable resemblance to Stalags !! ie: High security fencing all round security doors CCTV EVERYWHERE You can't play on the school fields like we used to be able to do. Everyone has to be "buzzed in" A sad indictment on todays society. Also... In the days when the 2nd amendment was drawn up Muskets were the dominent firearm. A musket probably takes a skilled militia about 30 seconds to reload Each round The second amendment needs ammending or at least enforcing.. ie: You only have the right to bare arms re: 2nd amendment If that firearm is a Musket !! Just as deadly, but to all intents and purposes..Single shot ! Can't see that happening mind but ...

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