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Comment Re:Use a Lupo engine (Score 1) 543

- It sucks ass getting a flat in a car on a long trip, since most modern cars have a toy tire, or worse, tire goop and an inflator ("clown shoes" as I like to call it). Many SUVs offer a full size spare--extremely handy!

One can purchase a full size spare and doing so is cheaper than buying an SUV for the option of a full size spare.

Hope you don't ever intend to carry anything, because a full size wheel likely won't fit where the skinny wheelbarrow tyre of a spare used to be. There's a reason they're called space savers.

I absolutely HATE HATE HATE those things. AC is right, those things suck major balls. I used to get a lot of punctures because the street where I lived was basically a tip strewn with rubbish (there was an alleyway where people would dump things, then bored yobs would come along and smash the things). Wasn't uncommon to start the day with a flat tyre.

Space saver spares are no good if you do a lot of motorway driving like I do, because you can't go over 50mph with them. Get used to having lorries tailgating you because to them it seems like you're just needless slowing down traffic. The sensible thing to do in that situation is wait for a tyre shop to open and get it fixed before going to work but then you'll have your asshole boss bitch at you for being late (and he's terribly suspicious about yet another flat tyre...). I know that you're supposed to use the compact spare to go to the nearest tyre shop ASAP to get the proper wheel fixed, because it's a scientifically proven fact that punctures only ever happen during business hours and everyone knows the location of all tyre shops throughout the country. It's impossible to get a puncture after 5pm...

Remember I wrote that the fullsize wheel won't fit where the compact one is? You'll have to put it in the boot (trunk), hope you were not carrying anything there. Enjoy having the filthy wheel muck up the boot. In my last car the wheel wouldn't even fit in the boot unless the rear seats where put down. I guess I'm supposed to just dump my rear passengers (and their stuff in the boot to make room for the wheel) on the side of the road.

In summary, fuck compact spares. Next time I'm car shopping those things are going to be a deal breaker for me.

Comment Life immitates Dilbert (Score 1) 639

Yeah, so what if the box is hard to open? Big deal.

It made me think of the animated Dilbert episode where he accidentally introduces a marketing departmental to a successful company:

Marketing: ...and there's a squeaking sound when you take it out of the box.
Dilbert: You mean the styrofoam?
Marketing: That's a LOSER sound! It field tested very badly!

Comment Re:Bloody good idea, chaps. (Score 1) 285

I agree you with, I just didn't express my point well. I think I've heard some linguistics express objections at English being the world's defacto technical language. A sign of the evil oppressive colonial past and an artefact of Anglo-centric privilege! And it's crass too, we should embrace the full gamut of how the human experience is expressed! Where is the soul in writing everything in English?!

Unfortunately I could see Babylscript being embraced by those with nationalistic axes to grind. Kind of like how French ATC will speak to French pilots in French (while everyone else uses English).

Comment Re:Misguided (Score 1) 285

I don't really see the advantage in this. You would be deliberately segregating yourself from the wider development community, and for what?

Yeah, it's just national pride. Good job trying to use libraries. I guess we can look forward to the day when jQuery, etc, has to be translated into all the worlds languages! Can you imagine a Arabic programmer trying to use a French and Russian libraries in a project? This sounds like some linguist's wet dream for preserving the diversity, heritage, and beauty of human languages.

Comment Bloody good idea, chaps. (Score 2) 285

Finally use English programmers change the appearance of GUI widgets by their colour property!

This might be a bit imperialistic, but is a programmer who is not comfortable with English a good programmer? Since there is so much technical info in English, if your English skill aren't they good then you are going to miss out on a lot of good info. I seem to recall an interview with Linus Torvalds where he said that because all source code, etc, he ever saw was in English it never even occurred to him to code in his native language. Someone who wants JavaScript in their native tongue has probably only just picked up "Learn JavaScript in 24 hours"...two hours ago.

Comment Re:I stand behind McDonalds (Score 4, Interesting) 627

It sucks, but that's just the world today. In a related way. notice how employment contracts mention that you're liable for any damage you cause to company property, but they're not liable if they damage your property? Or how they expect you to consistently work unpaid overtime; expect you to be available on call when you're at home/on leave; and generally expect it to be no big deal to impose on your own time outside work. But if you have to spend some work time to deal with even an minor personal issue then suddenly there's a huge stink made about the impact it's having on business continuity; costing the company time etc. I'm talking about small things like phoning the doctor to make an appointment (using your own mobile!), personal conversations with other staff (they want team bonding, but you can only talk about things immediately relating to work?), being ten minutes late become of unexpected roadworks, etc.

It seems we're just here to be used by companies (either as customers or employers), we exist only to make other people wealthy.

Comment Re:Not Compelling (Score 1) 66

Agree, this is not remarkable (unless maybe they got the new space one ported too). The N9 already has Angry Birds (not the new space one) so it's probably damn near the same code and so likely only a small effort to bring it to their phone.

So not only is it like spending time with the local prostitute, but she already happened to be in the hotel you booked anyway because she was already hired to service another client there anyway!

Comment Re:Agreed. (Score 1) 195

Who among us treats a rental with the same tender care we treat our own cars?

Well since you were asking, me. I don't know why I'm like this, but I don't feel that just because something isn't mine I can basically vandalise it.

I think I returned the last hire car I had cleaner than how I received it, heh. Mostly because I wanted to avoid the bogus sounding "£50 valeting charge if returned dirty" penalty.

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