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Comment Re:Just don't rent a bike. (Score 1) 41

That's the typical geek attitude that I see everywhere - "It doesn't meet my needs, therefore I can't see how it can meet anyone else's needs either."

I see plenty of people riding these around London. Whilst I'm not a bicycle rider (avid or otherwise), I can understand the convenience of just being able to walk up to a bike stand and rent one for a short journey.

Comment Skype already filters cat purring (Score 3, Funny) 77

Skype has been able to filter out the sound of cats purring for a long time now. I tell you that it's really useful when you're sitting in your island lair, plotting world domination, and issuing orders to your minions via Skype. The sound of the purring kitty on your lap is completely filtered by Skype. So when a suave British spy tries to infiltrate you, the minions can hear your voice loud and clear. I tell you, this is a great win for evil overlords everywhere.

Comment Re:cool story bro (Score 2) 610

Until recently you'd have been correct. I work for a large company which has always exclusively used Windows desktops (apart from some 'creative' people who had Macs for design or video). It was extremely rare to see a Mac anywhere. But in the last year or so, I'm starting to see them in large numbers, and on the desks of business people and software developers. In fact, there are now whole offices full of Macs, where once would have been Windows PCs.

A few weeks ago, I was at a software development conference, and more than half of the geeks there (and it was almost exclusively geeks) had Macbook Pros or Airs. They outnumbered Windows and Linux laptops combined. I was lugging around a heavy HP laptop (running Mint) and was really starting to see the appeal of the lightweight Air.

From what I've observed recently, Macs are making very strong headway into the traditional PC market.

Comment Re:Apple clones? (Score 1) 330

OS X has little to recommend itself on servers. Whilst OS X is undoubtedly 'Desktop Unix Done Right', it also seems to be 'Server Unix Done Wrong'. Any of the commercial *nixes, Linux or even one of the BSDs would probably be a better choice for most people.

I say this having been running a small OS X server for around 7 years and am now switching to Ubuntu. The only thing that I really prefer about OS X over Linux on a server is it uses the very nicely designed BSD firewall, rather than iptables.

On the desktop it's a different matter and I still prefer my Macs to my Linux Mint PCs.

Comment Re:UK is Dysfunction Junction (Score 1) 691

Almost all petrol stations here in the UK have cameras already installed to read your numberplate before you're allowed to fill up. This is to help reduce the number of people driving away without paying for fuel. So I'd imagine that most of your list of problems have already been sorted out. The biggest worry, imo, is 'database'. Especially 'government database'. Just renewed your insurance? Database not yet updated? No fuel for you. The police already have ANPR cameras to catch uninsured drivers, but they know that the database isn't always accurate and will phone your insurance company to check to see if you are actually covered. A fully automated system obviously can't do this, so if the database is wrong then you're screwed.

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