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Comment Re:C's get degrees (Score 1) 124

Everyone pointing out the invalid assumptions of this study is missing the point. This research isn't about actually improving anything. It's about someone getting their MS or PhD and a couple professors getting their names on something to keep their publication rate up. Academia has no requirement for research to be useful. MIT is no different.

I'm sure having a nice job at Uber lined up is one of the goals as well.

Comment Re: Oh dear (Score 4, Funny) 742

iPhones could be made completely in the US and Apple could charge the exact same price for them as they do now and the only difference is Apple's profits would go from ridiculously obscene to only slightly obscene.

Whoa, buddy. You're talking about affecting America's first class citizens: shareholders. What next? A decent wage increase for the middle class? You're mad!

Comment Do Japan next (Score 1) 44

Great job, YouTube. Now work your shit out with Japanese labels - you know, those people you didn't really consider when you decided to roll out YouTube Red based on the user's region, ignoring the fact that lots of people watch videos not made in the US.

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