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Comment Courage (Score 1) 81

Y'know, I thought Apple had shown me true courage when they pushed headphones into the future for no good reason. HP showed me I didn't know what true courage was. I'm so impressed that they allowed customers to save some dough on third party ink cartridges like they were already doing on the printers they'd already purchased. They are so brave.

Comment Re:No matter how clueless we are ... (Score 1) 259

Perhaps when you have computers that can handle errors more gracefully than "PC LOAD LETTER" I might think about taking him seriously. But we've barely moved past that level at present.

No way! We're way beyond that! We now have advanced error handling. The error message is super friendly AND it has a cool frowny face!

:( Your computer ran into a problem, but I won't bother giving you any reason why. Just search for "SOME_ERROR" online and hope you don't get sucked into a spammy malware site.

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