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Comment Re:This is an Android Problem (Score 1) 150

I've always wondered why they never went with a Windows Update style system. It doesn't give a shit what you're running. As long as your stuff isn't poorly coded, you're not going to have issues. I must admit, though, .NET updates get pretty huge, but that's not something inherent to Windows Update itself. I also don't care for the newer iteration of Windows Update in 10, but that's another discussion entirely.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 237

Most definitely this. It's very apparent that you're missing something when you see them back to back. Don't get me wrong, even an upscaled DVD looks decent still in this day and age, but once you watch the same thing in 1080p, the difference is clear. Hell, even streaming 1080p isn't as good as the visuals a Blu Ray can provide. It's admittedly not a problem for a TV series or a mediocre film, but if it's something I want to get the full experience from, Blu Ray is the way to go. It does help that I've got a basic home theater setup with 5.1. If I were watching on a computer monitor with 2 channel audio, I might not notice the difference.

Comment Re:Potentially more abuse prone than the H1B visa (Score 1) 355

I'd rather they get a green card and have the ability to leave an abusive employer. They still might undercut American workers, but it would push the bottom of the barrel H1B wages up toward native wages, meaning foreign workers would have to compete on merit (which I have no issue with).

Comment Re:Windows Phones... Do they sell them? (Score 1) 76

Sprint has always been awful with Windows Phone. Even when it was new and Sprint was still selling Windows Mobile devices, I basically had to beg them to sell me an HTC 7 Pro/HTC Arrive. That said, Microsoft shot themselves in the foot during the Nokia devices buyout, and I can't see anybody pushing it. Windows Phone has always had a lot of neat things, but after switching from my Lumia 925 to my Xperia Z3 and seeing how Microsoft has been treating the OS, I have no reason to go back.

Comment Don't dream. (Score 1) 1116

My biggest problem with guaranteed income is that unless you're some hot shot innovator, you're stuck with only the basic income, unless somehow someone values your "art." In theory, it works well enough domestically, but let's say I dream of moving to Japan, or some expensive US metro area. Unless somehow they agree with all this crap, how will I ever afford being able to move there? I can do so now on an upper middle class salary and time. I doubt a guaranteed income would provide the cash needed to do so, and considering what is hot in today's financial world, there's no fucking chance I can run with the big boys. Are people like me fucked? (Short answer: yes)
All this feels like it does is give the most wealthy the ability to close off the gates to their lifestyle to anybody who doesn't have the foresight to create a "Yo" messaging app.
There are a lot of people out there who are not creative, but very diligent. Me? I can be creative (in an artistic sense), but not nearly enough to generate any revenue independently. I'm pretty intelligent ("gifted program kid" here), but not so much so that I'm going to be revolutionizing the [x] industry. Guess people like me are fucked for having dreams, huh?

Comment Re:Sigh. (Score 1) 434

The Mitsubishi is not the ripoff. It has been around since 1993. From the Dyson Airblade Wikipedia article:

The first commercially available high-speed, horizontal-wiping air dryer was the Mitsubishi Jet Towel, invented in 1993 and available in the United States since 2005.[3] There are several technical differences among electric hand dryers, such as airspeed, water containment, energy efficiency, use of heat, type of filter, motor lifespan and power usage.[4]

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