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Comment Re:Analysts/Pundits (Score 1) 180

In theory, Microsoft has this ability as it is. They've done a great job of unifying the higher level parts of Windows 10 (and yes, I have my complaints about Windows 10). If Intel came out with a low-powered SOC with a radio, x86 Phone could happen. I totally agree that Samsung will ultimately lose. They are going to pull a Sony so hard, and this is coming from someone who likes Sony enough to still seek out their phones at full price.

Comment Analysts/Pundits (Score 4, Interesting) 180

Analysts and pundits have been telling Microsoft to do this for some time. Personally, I think they need to get out of the business of telling Microsoft how to run theirs. Microsoft has a vested interest staying in the mobile space, even if their phones don't sell shit. The personal computing market is so spread out across the spectrum of devices, people's primary way of digital interaction can change a easily as the wind. If Microsoft does not stay in this space, they will be ill-prepared for this.

Comment Re:Well, it was fun Reddit (Score 1) 130

Considering most subreddits I or others I know visit are subject-based (r/psvr), external news-driven (r/japan), or niche (r/bowling), I don't think anybody is going to follow u/foo just to see him talking about how his grandpa loved the PSVR, an earthquake in Hyogo-ken, or how he needs help dealing with dry/oily lanes.

Comment Re:What I want back (Score 1) 266

That's weird. Neither I, nor most other kids had too many issues with learning them. I didn't have anybody to teach me either. Older people just don't want to have to learn new things. One of our users told one of our technicians (who is in her late fifties) that she was 51 and too old to learn how to use two monitors.

Comment If you ordered from Samsung's store (Score 1) 30

You messed up. I bought a TV for my brother from the Samsung web store in December. No indication this TV was on back-order. I got no status updates for weeks. Finding your order status if you chose not to create yet another account is a chore the first time. The only positives that came from it were the fact that I *was* able to order without an account, and that they upgraded our Black Friday model 6290 to a 6300. It almost made up for the experience.

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