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Comment Re:5%? (Score 1) 74

Autopsies are rare unless there is already strong suspicion of a crime, and most coroners aren't competent to diagnose the workings of a pace maker or defibrillator. Additionally, if the defibrillator kept trying to restart the heart until it's battery died, it would fail to respond without replacing the battery. Not a minor endeavor.

People who are competent to diagnose defibrillators are rare, especially if they are expected to work on devices made by an arbitrary manufacturer rather than just a couple of them. People who can repair them (more than just changing the battery...itself no minor operation) usually work for the company that made them.

So unless there is already a presumption of murder I don't think this would be likely to be detected.

Comment Re:Amazon...paperweight (Score 1) 256

Reading problem? Many people have reported in earlier posts that this had worked fine with their systems before the update.

Others have reported that this happened for awhile, then they got another "Windows 10" update, and then it stopped happening.

So clearly the problem was a defect with Microsoft Windows 10 which they have since fixed.

Comment Re:What has Pokemon Go really go to do with this? (Score 1) 174

Except that games are designed to hold attention more firmly than is, e.g., text message reading. Since they are more immersive, it actually *is* a different phenomenon, if only by degree. I'll agree that this isn't unique to Pokemon Go, but it's more like playing pachinko while driving than texting while driving.

Comment Re:Disable, then VM or Mac (Score 1) 400

Separate your wife's professional computers from the Internet. Seriously, don't go half way. If you are refusing security patches you are risking even more than if you aren't. Ferry data between computers on usb sticks or CDs. There are a few pieces of malware that can hide in photo files, but they aren't common, and if they can't connect out they will often just hide. DON"T transfer zip archives. You don't know what is in them.

Now that you have your MSWindows needs isolated, install Linux on the machine that connects to the Internet. This has the additional advantage that malware that targets Linux often can't run on MSWindows. Avoid flash as much as possible. (I won't have it installed, but perhaps you need it.)

If you set things up right this isn't much more work than just running two computers, and if you use CDs or DVDs as your transfer medium, you get good backups of all your work. Usb sticks are more convenient, but are also more expensive and not good for long term storage. (Even CDs die over the decades, though.)

Comment Re:if they screw me up, I will dump windows (Score 1) 400

Remember the boy scout motto, and "be prepared". That means trying it out and ensuring that everything you need to do can be easily done.

I did that about 1998, and soon switched to Linux. At that time the word processors on Linux were horrible to non-existent, but I switched anyway.

Comment Re: Stealth (Score 1) 117

Sorry, but the the US and either Russia or China get into a serious war, humanity will end up deindustrialized, starving, and with probably less than 1% of the current population. There won't be any countries. Or cities. Or towns.

I wouldn't expect a true "On The Beach" scenario, but it wouldn't be far from that.

An interesting question is "What if India and one of it's neighbors gets into a nuclear exchange?". The best prediction includes massive world wide starvation due to a few "year without a summer"s, but nobody's really sure. (The "year without a summer" was caused by one volcano...but ash from firestorms lofted by an atomic bomb aren't the same.)

Comment Re:Stealth (Score 1) 117

Sorry, but the Emperor was definitely "touched". He wasn't replaced, but severe constraints were placed upon what he could say or do for over a decade. This wasn't totally just, as he had been largely the figurehead of a militarist group, and was only a teenager when things started happening, but in another sense it was necessary. He had been demonized during the war, and had to appear (to the US public) to have been punished. The actual restraints were quite minor as they weren't really needed. He wasn't actually pro-militarist, but had only been the figurehead of a militarist clique. But I remember even during the 1950's growing up seeing some old propaganda pictures. I don't really understand how vilified anything Japanese was during the war, but it was enough that there was plenty of sentiment left over during the early 1950's. During much of the war Japan was more vilified than was Germany. In both cases the people in charge really deserved to be vilified, but most people in the countries didn't.

It's all very well to say you should be independent and not moved by group think, but nobody really is. Some people are contrarians, and tend to swim against the current, most people have basic beliefs that are only shifted by the group think, but everyone is affected, and most people end up being driven considerably in a direction that they would not otherwise move. As an example, how do you feel about the divine right of kings? A few centuries ago you'd probably be not only accepting, but passively in favor of it. The relict of it is in how we in the US feel about the President. Note that many dislike him, but most would consider his person to be "sacred". If they don't think he should be president, they try to come up with a flaw that shows him to be an usurper...and will believe palpable lies if it makes that easier to believe.

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