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Comment Re:A Sputnik moment? (Score 1) 142

Sounds to me like he had a solution (even if you don't like it and don't have a solution of your own) and I see that he also didn't mention race (unlike you.) Maybe if you weren't such a racist, arrogant jackass with no solutions, you'd have noticed that. Who's the troll now?

Comment Re:Getting what you paid for (Score 1) 427

Actually, if you read what I stated, you'd know that what you claim I stated is not at all the same thing. I said that Limiting volume implies CONTROL. This control is a foot in the door. This "movement" is designed to get that foot in the door. This will bypass the argument that the Government has no business controlling private networks (in any capacity.) It will dictate that Government DOES have business controlling private networks (in capacities that it so decides.) This will *lead* to control of content. For you see the Government is using the FCC to bring about these net regulations. What other mandates are given to the FCC? Censorship. Then in the legislative branch, you have Democrat politicians discussing openly and actively pursuing this "Fairness Doctrine" and legislation like that.

Please tell me what you get when you put all of that into a blender and hit "mix?"

I'll tell you. Absolute control of the flow of information by content control.

It's not really a conspiracy "theory" anymore. It's now just a conspiracy. The more you argue in favor of Government regulating the Internet, the further along you advance that conspiracy. Even if you have good intentions and believe the legislation is of good intent. You're being used. First they came for the ISPs..?

Comment Re:Everyone wants something for free. (Score 1) 427

If there's sufficient demand then there's a market. If there's a market, then there's money to be made. If there's money to be made, someone will do it. Honestly, this shit isn't rocket science and the fact that you internet dweebs can't figure it out astounds me. You'd sell out private networks to government control because you don't want to use a slower competing ISP. So, you like the service, but you want to demand of the service something it does not want to provide via legislation. What sniveling tyrants you've all become. And of course, all tyrants only understand force, which is how you justify using force against ISPs to provide you with something they do not want to provide. All you are doing is going to artificially keep ISP costs higher for customers and distort the market preventing true innovation and adaptation to your needs from occurring. It's just not fast enough for the "gimme-it-now" generation.


Comment Re:Getting what you paid for (Score 1) 427

No! Actually, it's about CONTROL. The ability to control the volume of content predicates on the ability to control content *period.* From that ability will bring forth control OF content. Once the government has this hook in on volume, the argument that the government has no place in private networks will have been lost. Therefore, it will see fit to use it for other means.. such as controlling content. Which is something many of your lefty buddies want to do.

Perhaps, you should be the one not perpetuating stupidity.

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