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Comment Same Issue (Score 2) 388

I usually do the courteous thing and reply to the sender - there have been 3 that I have gotten off an on for a few years. I usually reply and copy the likely intended recipient if I can figure it out. One time the sender replied back (to both of us) and was rather snippy saying it wasn't her fault. I found the info on a facebook page that she said used, turned out she was wrong - so I pointed it out kindly along with a link back and wished them luck at the event they were planning. The intended recipient was so thankful that she sent me a $10 starbucks e-gift card. So do good and you might occasionally get rewarded.

Comment Poorly written news article - link to Abstract (Score 1) 177

The linked to article had little useful info - it didn't even mention who the authors of the paper were or the title of the paper. I had to do some digging around and found it Here's a link to the abstract: The basics are that they isolated 3 peptide fragments that have a very high immuno response - and two were from unexpected proteins

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