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Submission + - Oracle buys sun

dweezeldude writes: Oracle announced to day that they bought Sun

Comment My collection (Score 5, Funny) 115

Like the author of the article, I too have been collecting the most poetic entries:

  • Every woman that sleeps with you will wake up with the smile on her face.
  • A big member rules - she is satisfied, you are proud.
  • You can fulfill her request and become extremely blessed.
  • Having an awesome friend in your pants is all you need in this life.
  • A big instrument is a mortgage to success.
  • When your tool is big, the rest of the world seems so little for you.
  • Catch rapturous girls' looks on your zipper protuberance.
  • The best and easiest way to improve your lovemaking is the improvement of your love instrument.
  • Filll your bed partner's brain with the excitement and satisfaction.

Submission + - MS-partners buy swedish OOXML vote (os2world.com)

A_x11 writes: "Yesterday the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) voted in favour of Microsoft's OOXML-format. From the article: "As bad as it sound it currently looks like that the vote that took place at the SIS, Swedish Standards Institute, was a total joke due to the facts that 23 new companies applied to take part of today's voting and most of them in favour of Microsoft agenda.""

Submission + - SIS allows Microsoft to affect OOXML votes! (neurologic.se)

aim2future writes: "Microsoft has caused last minute changes to the SIS (Swedish Standards Institute) committee, voting about OOXML. Changing an expected NO to a YES.

"The word for today is "disenfranchisement" ... An attempt to fraudulently disenfranchise a voter is despicable wherever it occurs ... misrepresenting the rules and procedures in order to prevent another party from exercising their right to vote ... is universally deplored."... From Computerworld blogs
If you read swedish: here is an article about Microsoft's raid Microsoftkupp mot formatomröstning and here is a list of companies that Microsoft got into the committee last minute"


Submission + - Microsoft coup against iso standards body (www.idg.se)

bytewize writes: "Today the iso standards body here in Sweden has accepted ooxml as a standard. It seems that a number of Microsoft partners joined the body just before the vote and managed to swing the vote in Microsoft's faviour. IBM walked out and refused to vote. If this is what we can expect in the future then the iso standards body might just as well pack up and close shop. Nobody should be able to buy acceptance of a standard. It should become a standard based entirely on its own merits."

Submission + - Microsoft buys the Swedish vote on OOXML (os2world.com)

CoolCat writes: From the site: "As bad as it sound it currently looks like that the vote that took place at the SIS, Swedish Standards Institute, was a total joke due to the facts that 23 new companies applied to take part of today's voting and most of them in favour of Microsoft agenda. One would think that SIS would not accept new companies to participate in the vote since they haven't been part of the earlier discussions and meetings. But according to SIS they didn't see any problem that new companies wanted to take part in this vote without prior notice. So what happened here is that Microsoft gather together a bunch of loyal partners that would vote yes to their standard without any questions."

Submission + - Microsoft buys the Swedish vote on OOXML (www.idg.se)

Valpis writes: When SIS (Swedish Standards Institute ) should vote yes or no to OOXML as a standard the result became yes. The group consisted earlier of 11 companies and the result was supposed to be no. But the last couple of days several companies recieved letters from Microsoft urging them to join SIS (cost only $2000) and vote yes so in the last days 25 more companies joined, most of the microsoft partners,some even the same day as the voting took place. The list of the companies can be found on http://www.idg.se/2.1085/1.118249 (in swedish).

Submission + - How MS bought an ISO & got Sweden to say YES! 1

Landreth writes: "According to OS2 World.Com Microsoft Sweden bought the Swedish vote by rounding up Microsoft Gold Partners for the final vote regarding OOXML and by that change what should been a clear NO to a clear YES. To quote from the article:

"To be able to vote all you need is to pay the membership fee to SIS and the total cost for this was 17.000 SEK (2444 USD). Of the 23 new companies that showed up this last minute and where the majority hasn't shown any earlier interest, only Google has a clear agenda regarding OOXML and they are against it."

"Jonas Bosson who participated in today's meeting on behalf on FFII said that he left the meeting in protest and so did also IBM's Swedish local representative Johan Westman."

The article can be found at OS2 World.Com."

Submission + - Microsoft bought Swedens ISO vote on OOXML ?

a_n_d_e_r_s writes: The vote on OOXML looked fairly secured for a No vote in Sweden. Most in the Working Group In Sweden was against the vote to approve OOXML. Suddenly on the day of the vote more companies showed up at the door, some 20 more companies — each one payed about $2500 to be allowed to vote — and vote they did. Most of the new companies was strangely enough partners from Microsoft who suddenly out of the blue joined the working group, payed membership fees and voted yes for approval.

From being a fairly negative group the working group suddely had a huge majority of yay-sayers who voted for Sweden to approve OOXML as an ISO standard.

For those that want to buy the Swedish vote on an ISO standard — it only cost about $50 000 — its not too much money for anyone that want there own bought and payed for ISO standard.

This has started to brew in Sweden and the newspapers are right now starting to write about the coup against the SIS — Swedens Standards Institute http://www.sis.se/ . The workings groups position can be changed if the power to be at SIS wants to — so its not over yet.

OS2World writes about it:


Patrik Fältströms blogg about it:


Submission + - Microsoft managed to buy the vote of Sweden in ISO (domain.name)

An anonymous reader writes: It seems like Microsoft rigged todays SIS meeting in Sweden by bringing in about 20+ new members, all voting Yes to Microsofts OOXML document standard proposal. To be a voting member they had to pay 17 000 SEK, about $2500, which they for sure will be reimbursed by Microsoft for their services. Several previous members, for example IBM, left the meeting in disgust.

Read more here: http://stupid.domain.name/node/382

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