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Comment Re:show me (Score 1) 94

I'm no apple fan boy. The ipod, the iphone and the ipad were instant market owner products that did nothing that wasn't done before by others. They just executed better. Nobody's perfect but they nailed the 3 most important consumer electronics devices in modern history. If that isn't textbook execution, then the term has no meaning. I've never owned any the above mentioned devices, and I had a cheepo mac book pro that I got refurbished from apple because I figured getting a used machine from them would be good value. I don't use it anymore because I can't stand the desktop environment. But credit where its it do. They because one the 'big' 3 or 4 or whatever on the back of their execution. Nothing to do with fanboyism.

Comment show me (Score 1, Insightful) 94

This news would have been really interesting were Jobs at the helm because he'd established a track record for nearly perfect execution and you could bank on that the final product would be polished. Apple has done nothing in the Cook era to suggest that we can rely on that any more. That said it would be nice if Apple put out something novel.

Comment Re:A budget that actually has to budget something (Score 1) 648

You quoted his conclusion but completely ignored his reasoning. He tied it to a lack of viable testing which is the only method of establishing scientific truth (for some value of truth, see K. Popper). The various paths of scientific inquiry have varying degrees of epistemological weight, and some do in fact push the limits of what can be properly considered science. For some reason, it is the branches that are the lowest on the epistemological spectrum that are the most political in nature. Philosophy has been dead for a generation or two, so the modern educated man cannot fathom why so many people refuse to treat climate science with the same deference as they treat physics, and the skeptics don't have the mental framework to describe the deficiency. In the end you have a lot people who are very clever but completely full of shit, but do not know it and don't have the mental where with all to ever figure it out.

It certainly doesn't help, that you have a large group of mentally ill fanatics who spend time down-voting comments that go against the Good and the True, while healthy people with common sense recoil at the behavior, which creates out of every public forum where clever people might aggregate, echo chambers for insanity.

Interesting times.

Comment Re: An Excellent Start But More is Required (Score 1) 295


A generation ago it was common. Know a 70 year old man, who was hired as a programmer for TWA back in the day. He had hardly touched a computer before he was hired but came highly recommended and made a good impression at the interview. He was put in a training program, he wore a trainee badge and in a matter of time he was trained in and he went on to have a lucrative career in software development. This was back in the days, that the TWAs of the world had their own home-rolled everything and there truly was a 'talent' shortage in software, so they had not illusions of unicorn candidates coming in and hitting the ground running...

Wow, if reversing a linked list or distinguishing between swap and virtual memory is the hold up..well then that isn't exactly rocket science so develop a training program.

Bottom line it is that corporate America has had to deal with talent shortages before, and the tried and true solutions has always been training.

Comment Absolutely not (Score 1) 387

The President of the United States, the Commander and Chief of her armed forces, does not pardon treason, the proffering of her most valuable intelligence secrets to the rest of the world, including her bitter enemies during what may well be considered a time of war.

And Snowden may well have done a good thing, but it is a complex judgement call and it isn't the role of the Executive authority of the United States of America to answer that question. Obama the person may be sympathetic, but to parley into a Presidential pardon is the act of a philosopher king, and and arrogant betrayal of duty and pubic trust.

He did what he did out of conviction. He needs to suffer the consequences.

The issue is for history to decide.

Comment It's a shame (Score 1) 203

When they came up with don't be evil, I think they meant it in good faith, it was naive and it was impossible, like pacts to be best friends forever, but at some level the people at the top there believed in this with respect to their muddled conception of evil.

So this is disappointing. Nexus was at the very least a huge bone to the tech community, and was pretty much the last man standing against a snowcrash vision of the mobile space. It was rooting friendly, and the majority of users kept it hooked into google services anyways.

So now yeah, they will end this because while a rooting friendly, stock android, top of the line, phone may be a service to the tech community or even to modern humanity itself, it isn't strictly in Google's interests so they will squash it. I am waiting for the day when all phones will be rooting hostile, and for the day that they get really good at enforcing that.

But in the grand scheme of things, maybe this is trivial in comparison to the evil that is silicon valley's increasing interest in using their gate-keeping positions to control/advance political/social narratives and affect elections.

Comment Re:The EU needs money desperately (Score 0) 564

No there's no equivalence, it's like a clinically retarded evil gorilla in a world of ants stomping on competent evil ant, because he's an ant not because he's evil. The former can destroy the world, in which the latter is but a role player. Seriously. It's fucking Europe against a company.

It's all about a cut. A continental gangster. Be afraid.

Comment Re:Off the rails (Score 1) 321

I don't disagree with you, but think you are overstating the case. There are swaths of society who want to watch precisely what you described. I don't know how things actually work in Hollywood management, but my starting assumption is that in the aggregate they want make the most money they can, which means that at base producers are procuring works and producing works they believe will attract the most viewers. They may live in a bubble and have some serious misconceptions, I will continue to maintain that assumption and explain away evidence to the contrary because to me, that is still the strongest underlying theory as to how things work there. But that's the tempest in the teapot, because whatever it is, whether Hollywood is a proxy for what the country in the aggregate wants to see or whether is reflective merely of what the producers want to see, the implication of Government studies into that is as I described, which is my main point because frankly I don't care much about my understanding of Hollywood or Hollywood per se.

But now that we're here, I'd ask you to consider a point just a bit deeper with respect to Hollywood output.

Why are all the men and woman in the movies attractive to the agree of x, why is there love interest in every single movie. I don't watch movies, so I can't really get more detailed but I believe that if you are willing to examine the output just a bit more closely you will find elements that are there precisely because that's what they believe we want to see.

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