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Comment PC, where is your iMac? (Score 1) 310

I didn't get good headphones. I got decent bluetooth headphones that look good too. And finally no more cable mess!

I didn't get a big TV. I got a modest one with a good screen that you don't really see when I'm not using it. It's not the trophy possession of my household.

I don't care so much about iWatches, but I'm not getting one until they stop looking so dorky.

Walkmans were pig disgusting to look at, but they embodied a freedom to listen to you own music. It's selling point was functionality. That's what made them beautiful!

For the first time in history a 5 year PC old still performs really well in everyday things. For computing at home, I just want something quiet and neat-looking.

Comment Why would we? (Score 1) 287

In the mid-60s, we were in the middle of the Cold War, so there was an enormous amount of prestige at stake.

Nowadays, there are no obvious returns on investment. And past results are no guarantee, mind you, before everyone starts pointing towards Teflon, navigation and pens that write upside-down.

The next space wave will start when we find a definite candidate for habitable planet.

Comment Re:I PC game, and have zero reason to upgrade (Score 1) 98

Why in a year or two, and not a decade? What you suggest sounds like the technology push of TV manufacturers with their 3D, curved screens, 4k resolution TVs that nobody seems to be waiting for.
Maybe we've arrived at a situation where the technology to do anything you could reasonably want is simply here, and gaming is going back to providing a unique experience and captivating story lines.

Comment It still my dream... (Score 2) 161

I know the statistics, but I also know the apps out there. And I can say that even most of the 5 star apps just simply suck; they do one or two just wrong or not at all.

My motto is going to be "We did it just right", and I believe achieving that to be a seriously underappreciated and especially in IT underdeveloped skill. I like my chances.

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